Apsalar is the first mobile app attribution provider to offer both iOS and Android uninstall attribution as integrated components of its platform. Uninstall attribution measures the ratio of uninstalls to installs during any time period defined by the user. This exciting new measure provides user-level uninstall insights that marketers can use as diagnostic tools to evaluate marketing effectiveness and optimize their programs to their KPIs.

This groundbreaking Apsalar uninstall measurement offering enables mobile app marketers to compare uninstall rates across vendors, campaigns, creatives, regions, cohorts, buying models and more. Using these insights, they can optimize their media investments and messaging efforts to attract and retain more quality app users.

With Apsalar iOS and Android Uninstall Attribution, clients measure uninstall rates for every campaign, region, creative, cohort and more. These uninstall insights help empower marketers to maximize performance against their revenue and engagement goals.

Using these powerful new data sets, they can identify powerful new ways to optimize marketing investments to attract persistent users. In addition, users can enrich their customer intelligence platforms with user-level uninstall intelligence.

This new Android and iOS uninstall measurement in the Apsalar Attribution solution empowers marketers to see if uninstall rates are a factor in which of their campaigns and creatives deliver the most revenue, ARPU and LTV. Using these insights, they can then optimize media and messaging to increase revenue and user monetization.

  • Compare any campaign, creative or offer
  • Test new campaign concepts
  • Determine best messages for driving quality installs
  • Focus messaging to drive long-term customers

With Apsalar Uninstall Attribution measurement for iOS and Android apps, brands can compare mobile app uninstall rates for an unlimited number of media sources, across any time periods.

Mobile app publishers can collaborate with each of their media partners to improve revenue metrics by addressing any uninstall opportunities that the data reveal.  Data-driven insights help them maximize marketing ROI by driving more long-term users.

With rich, precise data on uninstall rate metrics and patterns, iOS and Android app marketers have invaluable device-level inputs to help them define and implement powerful remarketing and re-engagement plans.

  • Engage users during the critical first hours and days of their customer life cycles
  • Deliver an anonymized audience of uninstallers for proactive market research
  • Field custom campaigns with targeted messaging to drive reinstalls
  • Extend the average user life cycle and dramatically increase LTV

Apsalar is the first to market mobile app attribution platform to fully integrate app uninstall tracking for both iOS and Android. Clients who implement uninstall attribution can examine uninstall data in every Apsalar report.

Best of all, Apsalar clients get complete access to this user-level app uninstall measurement at no additional cost.

Getting started with Apsalar Uninstall Attribution is simple and easy. In minutes you can use the latest Apsalar SDKs and set up the tracking in the Apsalar dashboard.

  • One SDK. No need to add an additional SDK for a point solution
  • Share device-level insights in real-time
  • Create a single set of sharing rules, or establish unique rules by vendor
  • Enterprise-grade security protects your data