How Marketers Use App Uninstall Tracking Data

As you may know, Apsalar has just introduced uninstall tracking as a standard feature of its Apsalar Attribution platform. App uninstall tracking refers to measuring the rate of installers who

Mitigating Mobile App Uninstalls with Remarketing

Perhaps the biggest driver of a mobile app uninstall, besides basic app performance, is when the app never makes it into a user’s routine. We all understand how hard it

The Impact of Push Notifications on Mobile App Uninstalls

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In mid-December, Localytics published a great study on push notifications that you should check out. The study focused on push notifications and consumer attitudes toward these high impact app mobile

Are Users Who Uninstall Apps Lost Forever? Heck No!

Every mobile app experiences at least some uninstalls from users. And for mobile app marketers, a high rate of uninstalls can be among the most frustrating and challenging business metrics.

All About App Uninstalls

INTRODUCTION Mobile app marketing has grown increasingly sophisticated over the past several years. In the beginning, most apps were launched more with hope and a promise than with a robust

Why Mobile App Uninstalls are More Common in the Developing World

As a mobile app attribution and data management services provider for a host of countries around the world, we see both commonalities and differences between the mobile app markets in

Apsalar Introduces App Uninstall Attribution Measurement

Today we are proud to let you know that Apsalar has incorporated uninstall attribution measurement into our popular Apsalar Attribution analytics offering. The new marketing measure reveals the rate of