Battle of the Sexes – A Mobile App Infographic

How Mobile App Usage Differs By Gender Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. While this adage may hold true when it comes to opinions on sports, fashion,

Top Mobile Game Categories by In-App Purchases & Engagement

New Mobile App Data Today’s most successful developers are giving their apps away in the app store for free, and, if done correctly, it’s an effective monetization model. At the

2012 Holidays Show Massive Mobile App Revenue Growth

Mobile Apps Show Significant Increases in Average Revenue Per User Christmas 2012 was officially the holiday season of the app, as multiple reports claimed record numbers of app downloads and

iOS vs. Android: And The Winner Is…

iOS vs. Android Infographic The 2012 election is right around the corner and the only thing more discussed than politics (at least in Silicon Valley) may be iOS vs. Android.

What Types of Users Make the Most In-App Purchases? Study Highlights Key Predictors

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We’ve recently uncovered first party analytics data which shows that not having paid apps and playing lots of games are the best predictors of in-app purchases. According to the data

More Mobile Apps Lead to Engagement Deficit Disorder

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As an app developer, you may be struggling to capture and retain user engagement and revenue. You are not alone. Apsalar, the leading Mobile Engagement Management platform for app developers