The Integrated Growth Suite for Enterprise Mobile App Marketers

Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud provides the critical data layer for customized marketing based on the actions and needs of each individual app user.

By combining BOTH essential measurement and user insights AND audience segmentation and sharing tools, Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud powers data-driven marketing tailored to the individual user or prospect. Use our advanced marketing attribution tools and analytics to gain the richest business and user understanding. Then segment and securely share high-performing audiences with your choice of partners.

Engage New Users. Cart Abandoners.
Heavy Buyers. And More.

Create segments of users and grow their engagement and purchases through powerful use cases. Activate new users. Bring cart abandoners back to buy. Turn purchase intent into transactions. Rewin uninstallers. And upsell/cross-sell your best customers for massive incremental revenue. You can even create more effective lookalike models of your best customers to improve UA.

Keep Control of Your Precious First-Party Data

With our integrated solution, you stay in complete control of your data and insights, while preserving the ability to work with any partner you choose. Control data sharing and user permissions as you unlock your brand’s most powerful asset: first-party user data.


Measure and optimize app marketing program performance with our industry-leading mobile attribution platform.


Uncover LTV, ROAS, ROI and other critical mobile app marketing business metrics, along with insights about your best users.


Leverage robust audience segmentation tools to create high-performing audiences of your most valuable users and customers.


Securely synch your app marketing audiences to partners. Power custom campaigns, drive revenue and boost user quality.