Get Smart With Your Spend

Why Track Marketing Campaigns?

Savvy, data-driven marketers test, measure, and optimize their mobile ad campaigns. They understand how ad dollars spent convert to revenue. With Apsalar’s free attribution analytics tool, you can understand the ROI on all your marketing activities, including mobile app, mobile web, social media & email campaigns.

  • Measure actual ROI, revenue and user lifetime value, for all marketing campaigns.
  • Optimize your spend using data on best performing ad networks and ad creatives.
  • Reduce the number of unnecessary SDKs in your app.

Why Is Apsalar’s Attribution Analytics Best-In-Class?

Measure The Metrics That Matter

View actual ROI by campaign source. Capture lifetime value of users from each campaign via cohort analysis. Check out revenue reports by campaign source, and view it by Product (SKU), Transactions & Average Transaction Value, Geo, Source, and more. Also, get unparalleled user behavior insights on engagement and retention with free in-app analytics.

No Agenda, Just The Facts

Get the most complete picture of your revenue from an unbiased, neutral source. Apsalar’s revenue reporting contains advanced receipt validation mechanisms that independently verify every in-app purchase through Apple’s App Store. This ensures the revenue number you see on your dashboard is the most accurate in the industry. When it comes to the health of your business, there is no margin for error.

Real-Time Reporting

Business decisions are made in split-seconds, so don’t waste precious time waiting on data that takes hours to populate on the dashboard. Apsalar’s attribution analytics is real-time, so you have all the information available at your fingertips, instantly.

Best-In-Class Service

Get the white glove treatment you deserve. Take advantage of our premium service with features such as phone & email support from a dedicated account manager, <24 hour guaranteed response time, and pre-launch strategy and go-live support. Your business is our priority.

Current Partner Integrations

We’re busy integrating with even more partners to ensure that you’ll be able to track all your mobile marketing campaigns in our centralized dashboard. We’re adding partners to this list every day! Let us know if you’d like to become an integrated partner. You can look at the list of the current partners we support here.

Reporting Dashboard

Available free for both iOS & Android.

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