Groundbreaking Technology

Apsalar is committed to bringing the most important technological and measurement innovations to our industry. We focus on advances that our clients can use to drive outstanding marketing effectiveness and performance — both before and after the mobile app install.

The Apsalar technology team focuses on making genuine advances in a broad range of areas – from enabling real-time analysis across an expansive range of metrics, to devising new ways of answering marketer needs and questions. But whatever the development, our clients can be assured that we consistently deliver the very best solutions available.

We’re pleased to announce the deployment of Apache Spark, the industry’s fastest growing execution framework for big data. Spark is a remarkably fast engine for processing big data sets like those generated every day by Apsalar’s mobile-first enterprise clients. Using Spark, Apsalar is further speeding delivery of insights so that marketers can drive even stronger ROI from their marketing investments.

Uninstall Attribution represents a critical new insight for mobile marketers focused on increasing ROI, ARPU, LTV and other brand objectives. Using these comprehensive uninstall insights, clients can diagnose potential reasons for KPI performance issues. Apsalar was the first mobile app attribution provider to enable uninstall measurement comparisons across install sources, campaigns, creatives, regions, cohorts and more.

Marketers need a 360 view of their businesses — insights for many dimensions in one place. To fill the need, Apsalar has launched a new spend tracking feature for our platform. Flexible Spend Tracking empowers strategic marketers to track spend in the Apsalar platform for all of the most popular buying models. Across ALL vendors and campaigns. With this important innovation, we’ve made it easier for clients to get a comprehensive business view.