Leverage your best partners for precision marketing powered by audiences from the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud. With Apsalar’s pre-built media and platform integrations, you can seamlessly share your audiences and data with the tools and partners you prefer. Best of all, enterprise-grade security and business rules protect you and your business from data leakage and oversharing. With Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud, you get outstanding impact while preserving the security and integrity of your most valuable data assets.

Apsalar’s pre-built media and network integrations make it safe and easy to share your mobile app audiences and data for tailored marketing initiatives. Synchronizing data with partners and platforms for acquisition and retargeting is as simple as a few clicks. Work with your best partners to drive maximum impact from every mobile app marketing dollar.

App acquisition and retargeting can be made even more efficient by leveraging your first-party data to power programs with your best partners. First-party app user data is an outstanding tool with which to sharpen your targeting and messaging. Get outstanding results at every stage of the buying funnel.

  • Power your mobile app retargeting efforts
  • Leverage your best partners with insight about YOUR app customers
  • Capitalize on the recency of your mobile app user and customer data
  • Optimize every step of each user’s customer journey

Protect your iOS and Android app business from data leakage. Apsalar’s enterprise-grade security and easy-to-set business rules keep your mobile app customer data safe during sharing and at rest. Partner- and user-level controls protect your precious smartphone app data assets, ensuring they always stay under your control.

Focus your app remarketing, retargeting and media partners on key use cases that can drive richer user relationships and incremental revenue:

  • New mobile app user engagement
  • Lapsed app user and uninstaller reactivation
  • Drive cart abandoners and intenders to transact
  • Upsell and cross-sell users and customers

With Apsalar, there is always a team of mobile app cloud marketing platform experts ready to work with you to achieve your goals. Our dedicated account managers and support staff will guide you to the best insights and actions to grow your app business.