As the first true data driven solution that offers the ability to target the right type of
high value users for our apps, Apsalar continues to push the envelope
for the mobile advertising industry.

Christophe Bach
Founder & CEO of TextMe

Data Driven

Today’s business savvy developers must keep a close eye on immediate downstream and ongoing performance metrics. The key drivers of user retention, engagement and monetization must be measured, tested, and iterated on continuously to improve the user experience and your business. Only with this approach can you compete in today’s global mobile app marketplace and win the minds of consumers.

Apsalar has created analytics solutions to solve the core engagement problem in mobile apps today. In most apps, users are not returning frequently enough, and they are not engaging in key activities within the app that lead to revenue. Our 360° analytics platform provides deep insight into user retention, engagement, and revenue and includes real time funnel and cohort analysis to measure in-app user conversions and lifetime value. Using Campaign Source Insights, you can also reconcile attribution and measure ROI across all of your mobile marketing campaigns.

Our free ApScience service has been designed from the ground up for iOS and Android mobile app analytics. Unlike other legacy web based services, the product was built to ensure that you, the developer, can easily and accurately track usage metrics and user behaviors in your individual apps or across your apps.

We work with tens of thousands of mobile app developers across many industries and have a deep understanding of data and the mobile app ecosystem. You can work with our customer success team to leverage the wealth of data you have on your users to develop best practices for engagement measurement and continuous improvement of the user experience.

Get started with ApScience, our free 360° analytics package, and power your apps with the data, insights and analysis trusted by thousands of other mobile developers.

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Apsalar Products

Audience Targeting & Remarketing

Acquire valuable users with audience targeting, and remarket to your best users with behavioral retargeting. Also, measure ROI for any advertising campaign you’re running through Apsalar or any other supply source.

In-App & Campaign Attribution Analytics

Measure the ROI of all your mobile marketing campaigns. Uncover behavioral insights on your users’ engagement, retention, and monetization…all for free!