WTF are Universal Links and Why Should You Care?

Recently a slew of prospective customers have asked us questions about Apple’s Universal Links. While they have been around for a while, many companies aren’t yet using them on their

All About Facebook MMPs Versus Deep-Link-Based App Marketing Measurement

Facebook advertising drives a massive share of mobile app installs and re-engagement events. And each year, that role grows stronger. We see in our data that many leading app marketers invest

Four Things Every Marketer Needs To Know About Mobile

Ordinarily, this blog focuses on topics specifically of interest to enterprise app marketers. Today’s post is intended for a far broader audience — any marketer interested in getting mroe form

What a Year and Thank You!

As 2016 draws to a close, we thought we’d take a few moments to reflect on some of the great things that have happened over the past year. Sometimes a

8 Mobile App Marketing Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year. Time to look back at how app marketing changed in 2016, and look ahead to what the future will hold. Hence, our first annual app

Insight without Action is like Cake without Frosting. What’s the Point?

No, this post isn’t a condemnation of knowledge for knowledge’s sake. But it is a comment on the need for USING the consumer insights you gather in order to live

Apsalar Announces Enhancements to Our Partner Portal

By Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Customer Support Apsalar offers what we call a “Partner Portal” to help clients share information with their media vendors, and to help those

Observations from iMedia Agency Summit 2016

By Jim Nichols VP-Marketing, Apsalar Attending the iMedia Agency Summit is sort of a long-term tradition for me. I started in marketing on the agency side, and when I transitioned

The Four Components of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud Suite

Looking for more specific information on the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud? The fully integrated app attribution, measurement and audiences platform helps marketers drive extraordinary ROI through more targeted customer acquisition

Introducing Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud

Apsalar is pleased to announce the launch of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud. This fully integrated app attribution, measurement, user data and audiences platform helps CMOs drive extraordinary ROI through