How Mobile App Measurement Reflects the New Era of App Marketing

One of our sellers recently had a conversation with a prospect who asked whether they needed a mobile app measurement solution, or a mobile app attribution solution. Apparently they had

The Power of Companion Travel Apps as Brandbuilders

Has anything changed more profoundly in the last 20 years than the way that brand equity gets built and enhanced? 20 years ago, advertising repetition was a key component of

Best Practices For Driving Increased Travel App Conversions

Apsalar works with a variety of iPhone, iPad and Android travel apps, and one common issue we find on many of these businesses is that large numbers of travel planners engage on their

Why Travel is so Well Suited to Apps

  As apps continue to grow in importance across many categories, their strength in the travel vertical is simply undeniable. This is true for both apps whose focus is to

The Shifting Sands of Acquisition Versus Retention

Those of us that spent much time on the agency side of the business likely spent the bulk of our time and energy acquiring new customers for brands, versus targeting

Proactively Addressing The Business of Fraud

As our industry struggles to find ways to reduce fraud across digital, more people are waking up to the specific challenges fraud creates in mobile. It’s natural that mobile is

Mobile-First – What Does it REALLY Mean?

Everyone talks about being mobile-first these days, but what does (or should) that actually mean? How do you ensure that you mean it when you say it? And more importantly,

What Does Install Attribution Double-Counting Cost You?

As leaders in mobile app attribution and measurement, one of the key benefits we provide is to act as a third-party check, determining which media company deserves credit for driving

Latest Apsalar Data on In-App Click and IAP Fraud

eMarketer today published a summary of a recent study we conducted regarding in-app fraud as it related to two kep app APIs: click to install and in-app purchases (IAPs). You

How the Smartphone Landscape is Changing

When people in America and Europe think of smartphones, devices like the iPhone are usually the first that come to mind. This incredibly capable device as well as phones like the