Four Strategies To Unlock Value From Your Mobile User And Customer Data

Many mobile-minded marketers are now looking to their customer data as a tool to drive extraordinary business growth. I started out on the PC side of digital, where marketers have long

Seven Mobile Marketing Opportunities For The Travel Industry

It wasn’t that long ago that virtually all travel transactions went through brick-and-mortar agents. But now travel dollars are increasingly being spent via digital, especially on mobile. According to the latest

Apsalar Best Practices Article on Forbes

We’ve got a new tips article on that may interest you. Entitled, Five Best Practices To Boost The ROI Of Your Retail Mobile Sales Efforts, the focus is on

Mobile App User Quality: The Industry’s New Passion

For many years, mobile app marketing operated as a Wild West – one in which the tactics were many and the rules few. More than 1,000 ad networks and other

Big Mobile App Marketing Glossary

Mobile app marketing is different from many other forms of marketing, and much of the terminology used is unique to the field. We developed this glossary to help those in

Great Insights in eMarketer’s Latest Mobile Statpack

eMarketer just published a great set of slides they are calling the US Mobile Time and Activities Statpack. It’s available for free on their site (reg required.) It’s definitely worth

Guest Post from Apsalar Partner Leanplum: How to Send Push Notifications at the Optimal Time

Editor’s Note: Apsalar is fortunate to work with many of the world’s best app technology and media providers. From time to time, we will be sharing posts written by leading

Interesting Stats on Mobile Time Spent Shopping

Today on Business Insider there was a really telling graph that we thought we’d reproduce here so that more people are aware of the important trend it signals. See the

Mobile App Fraud: How Apsalar Helps Clients Address and Prevent It

Mobile app fraud is a topic of growing concern among app developers and publishers. And for good reason. While estimates of the costs of Android and iOS app fraud vary,

The Growing Role of Travel Companion Apps

We often think about the app category as dominated by games and m-stores. But one of its fast-growing segments is “companion apps” — applications whose primary purpose is not to