Mobile App Fraud: How Apsalar Helps Clients Address and Prevent It

Mobile app fraud is a topic of growing concern among app developers and publishers. And for good reason. While estimates of the costs of Android and iOS app fraud vary,

Apsalar Launches Ad Network Topline Reporting in Its Client Dashboard

by Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support As many of you know, Apsalar works hard to be the first to market with key new features designed to help marketers take

How Content Can Help Reduce Your App Uninstalls

As brands look for more ways to measure and understand app uninstalls, one big area of uninstall marketing investment is the development and integration of quality content. App makers have

Apsalar Enables Migration of Complete Device and Event Data

“Trade-ups” are one of the biggest sources of new mobile app attribution and mobile app measurement clients for Apsalar. What we mean by a trade-up is when a company gets

Apsalar Adds New Dashboard to Aid Strategic Understanding and Decision-Making

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by Sanaz Motahari At Apsalar, we pride ourselves on helping app marketers “go deep” to develop the richest possible insights on their app businesses. By offering features like unlimited event

How Mobile App Measurement Reflects the New Era of App Marketing

One of our sellers recently had a conversation with a prospect who asked whether they needed a mobile app measurement solution, or a mobile app attribution solution. Apparently they had

Best Practices For Driving Increased Travel App Conversions

Apsalar works with a variety of iPhone, iPad and Android travel apps, and one common issue we find on many of these businesses is that large numbers of travel planners engage on their

What to Track in Mobile App Attribution (POST TWO OF TWO)

by Matt Orban Technical Sales Engineer In yesterday’s post I laid out some of the benefits of a robust mobile app attribution tracking regimen. Then I discussed the four types

What to Track for Mobile App Attribution (Post One of Two)

by Matt Orban Technical Sales Engineer Most of us understand intuitively that getting customer event data from our apps is important and can help drive improved marketing effectiveness. But some might

Announcing the Launch of Apsalar Audiences for Facebook

This important new Apsalar service enables marketers to identify segments of app users and use them as Facebook Custom Audiences for precision targeting across the world’s leading social network. We’re