When it comes to mobile app tracking, is “good enough”…enough?

When it comes to mobile app tracking, is good enough…enough for you? There are a number of mobile attribution solutions available to you and other app marketers today. Finding the

Using Data-Driven Marketing to Grow Travel Apps – Post 3 of 4

In Post 2 of our travel app marketing series, we discussed the right metrics against which to optimize your mobile app promotional programs. Today, we’re going to examine some travel

The Growing Importance of National App Monetization Strategies

When it comes to app monetization strategy, there are a number of ways to drive revenue from an app. The three most common are: Charging for the app Enabling in-app

All About Beacons, iBeacons and Eddystone Beacons

People have been talking about the promise of beacons as a marketing tool for some time, but lately that conversation level has escalated. Perhaps it’s because more consumers than ever

Using ARPU and ARPPU in Mobile App ROI and Media Allocation Analysis (More is More Series)

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Getting Serious about Mobile Marketing ROI – A New Tutorial Series

A while back, Nielsen held a mobile marketing webinar about how companies were measuring return on investment for their mobile campaigns. This wasn’t an app-focused mobile ROI study per se,

Mobile App Measurement – How to Action the Data (Post 1 of 2)

Mobile app measurement helps us better understand which marketing tactics are most effective. But it also helps us better understand our users and customers. We all know that more and

The Blank Video Project: Its Significance to App Tracking

Note: App tracking really is the topic of this post. Just bear with the first few paragraphs because they are a sort of parable about the importance of evaluating all KPI-relevant app

9 Must-Haves for a Successful App

At Apsalar, we speak with dozens of brand leaders every week, including many that have questions about what sorts of best practices exist to ensure the success of an app.

How Mobile App Measurement Reflects the New Era of App Marketing

One of our sellers recently had a conversation with a prospect who asked whether they needed a mobile app measurement solution, or a mobile app attribution solution. Apparently they had