Mobile App User Quality: The Industry’s New Passion

For many years, mobile app marketing operated as a Wild West – one in which the tactics were many and the rules few. More than 1,000 ad networks and other

4 Ways to Drive Your Mobile App Revenue Growth in 2017

Half of all connected consumer time takes place in mobile apps, according to digital research firm comScore. That’s just one reason why so many businesses are investing in their own

Big Mobile App Marketing Glossary

Mobile app marketing is different from many other forms of marketing, and much of the terminology used is unique to the field. We developed this glossary to help those in

7 Ways Retailers are Working to Crank their mCommerce Sales

Check out the article from Apsalar marketing guy Jim Nichols at From the piece: US merchants are adopting a strategy that’s very common internationally — focusing on building their

Now Available! Uninstall Attribution for iOS

First iOS uninstall measurement solution from a mobile attribution provider gives advertisers critical insights on user quality and longevity. by Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support Today we are

Google App Engagement Tracking is Here!

by Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support We’re very pleased to announce that Google App Engagement tracking is now available in the Apsalar platform. This new capability enables clients

Interesting Stats on Mobile Time Spent Shopping

Today on Business Insider there was a really telling graph that we thought we’d reproduce here so that more people are aware of the important trend it signals. See the

Mobile App Fraud: How Apsalar Helps Clients Address and Prevent It

Mobile app fraud is a topic of growing concern among app developers and publishers. And for good reason. While estimates of the costs of Android and iOS app fraud vary,

Are Users Who Uninstall Apps Lost Forever? Heck No!

Every mobile app experiences at least some uninstalls from users. And for mobile app marketers, a high rate of uninstalls can be among the most frustrating and challenging business metrics.

How Content Can Help Reduce Your App Uninstalls

As brands look for more ways to measure and understand app uninstalls, one big area of uninstall marketing investment is the development and integration of quality content. App makers have