The Intriguing Possibilities of Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile marketing and network automation is becoming increasingly popular around the world. For those that are a little less familiar, you probably know all about regular marketing automation. It uses

Customer Data and the Meteoric Growth of Mobile Programmatic Buying

Tyler Loechner at MediaPost published an intriguing piece on the incredibly rapid growth of Mobile programmatic media spending. Given that Mobile media is often more expensive than media available on the pc web, it follows that maximizing

The Promise of Mobile CRM

Marketers have always loved the strategic promise of CRM – the idea that we can actively manage our relationship with each customer based upon her wants, needs and preferences. But historically

Media Buying Models Decoded

There are a remarkable range of ways to buy mobile digital media these days, and each one has a set of initials that is used as shorthand for it. As

Mobile App Retargeting Basics

Lots of people have been asking questions about the ins and outs of mobile app retargeting, remarketing and re-engagement. This short explanation is designed to help clarify some of the