Big Mobile App Marketing Glossary

Mobile app marketing is different from many other forms of marketing, and much of the terminology used is unique to the field. We developed this glossary to help those in

Guest Post from Apsalar Partner Leanplum: How to Send Push Notifications at the Optimal Time

Editor’s Note: Apsalar is fortunate to work with many of the world’s best app technology and media providers. From time to time, we will be sharing posts written by leading

7 Ways Retailers are Working to Crank their mCommerce Sales

Check out the article from Apsalar marketing guy Jim Nichols at From the piece: US merchants are adopting a strategy that’s very common internationally — focusing on building their

Google App Engagement Tracking is Here!

by Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support We’re very pleased to announce that Google App Engagement tracking is now available in the Apsalar platform. This new capability enables clients

Are Users Who Uninstall Apps Lost Forever? Heck No!

Every mobile app experiences at least some uninstalls from users. And for mobile app marketers, a high rate of uninstalls can be among the most frustrating and challenging business metrics.

How Content Can Help Reduce Your App Uninstalls

As brands look for more ways to measure and understand app uninstalls, one big area of uninstall marketing investment is the development and integration of quality content. App makers have

Why Mobile App Uninstalls are More Common in the Developing World

As a mobile app attribution and data management services provider for a host of countries around the world, we see both commonalities and differences between the mobile app markets in

When it comes to mobile app tracking, is “good enough”…enough?

When it comes to mobile app tracking, is good enough…enough for you? There are a number of mobile attribution solutions available to you and other app marketers today. Finding the

Apsalar Enables Migration of Complete Device and Event Data

“Trade-ups” are one of the biggest sources of new mobile app attribution and mobile app measurement clients for Apsalar. What we mean by a trade-up is when a company gets

Using Data-Driven Marketing to Grow Travel Apps – Post 3 of 4

In Post 2 of our travel app marketing series, we discussed the right metrics against which to optimize your mobile app promotional programs. Today, we’re going to examine some travel