4 Ways to Drive Your Mobile App Revenue Growth in 2017

Half of all connected consumer time takes place in mobile apps, according to digital research firm comScore. That’s just one reason why so many businesses are investing in their own

Are Users Who Uninstall Apps Lost Forever? Heck No!

Every mobile app experiences at least some uninstalls from users. And for mobile app marketers, a high rate of uninstalls can be among the most frustrating and challenging business metrics.

How Content Can Help Reduce Your App Uninstalls

As brands look for more ways to measure and understand app uninstalls, one big area of uninstall marketing investment is the development and integration of quality content. App makers have

Mobile-First – What Does it REALLY Mean?

Everyone talks about being mobile-first these days, but what does (or should) that actually mean? How do you ensure that you mean it when you say it? And more importantly,

DMPs and the Power to Speak to Individuals…as Individuals

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We speak a lot on this blog about why DMPs are important. They give us the opportunity to understand consumers like we never could before. That’s fantastic, of course, but marketers