The Changing Faces of Commerce and App Measurement

There are two interesting articles over at eMarketer today – each underscoring a different mega trend in the mobile and app spaces. First, there’s a comparison between the size and

Mobile App Measurement Grows Up

When it comes to mobile app measurement, the times they are a changin’. And that’s an excellent thing, if you are someone who cares about the role that mobile app

The Shifting Sands of Acquisition Versus Retention

Those of us that spent much time on the agency side of the business likely spent the bulk of our time and energy acquiring new customers for brands, versus targeting

Combatting app fraud is everyone’s fight

An article last week in the Wall Street Journal discussed the recent app fraud study by Forensiq, which pointed to the problem of app ad fraud. This is the second

How’s Your Buying Funnel Lookin’?

As with any digital commerce venue, it’s natural that there are a lot more people who install an app than actually transact in it, whether for virtual goods in a

Proactively Addressing The Business of Fraud

As our industry struggles to find ways to reduce fraud across digital, more people are waking up to the specific challenges fraud creates in mobile. It’s natural that mobile is

Don’t Miss our Upcoming Senior Exec Conferences in India

Apsalar and our partner Vizury are hosting two special conferences exclusively for senior marketing executives in India during the next two weeks. Entitled Beyond Installs, the sessions are designed to

Amazing Mobile India and Two Amazing Events for India

MOBILE INDIA: AMAZING! Some really amazing data have just come out about mobile in India. The data are from a study from the Internet and Mobile Association of India and

Mobile-First – What Does it REALLY Mean?

Everyone talks about being mobile-first these days, but what does (or should) that actually mean? How do you ensure that you mean it when you say it? And more importantly,

What Does Install Attribution Double-Counting Cost You?

As leaders in mobile app attribution and measurement, one of the key benefits we provide is to act as a third-party check, determining which media company deserves credit for driving