Apsalar Debuts New Postback Management System to Ensure Maximum Postback Accuracy and Speed of Delivery

We’re pleased to announce that Apsalar has developed and deployed an entirely new postback management system to raise the standard in the mobile marketing measurement category by ensuring maximum accuracy

Check Out the Apsalar/Thomvest Survey on eMarketer

We’re so pleased to be included in today’s eMarketer article on the growing importance of retargeting in the app space. From the piece: In August 2016, omnichannel data management platform

Facebook View-Through Tracking Now Available to All Apsalar Clients

By Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support We are excited to announce the roll-out of Facebook view-through tracking for all clients. View-through refers to the ability to credit an ad

Apsalar Interview on Thalamus

If you have a moment, click on over to Thalamus for an interview about app marketing industry trends. From Jim Nichols, Apsalar VP-Marketing. An excerpt: At Mobile World Congress, there

Apsalar Good Times Around the World

At Apsalar, our team enjoys spending time together, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our sense of community with one another. Recently, we’ve had several events that

Mobile Marketers Speak Part 6: Four Key Takeaways from the Survey

We’ve spent the last week reviewing much of the data from our recent mobile marketer survey. Today we’re going to boil it down into fours salient takeaways. 1 The critical

Mobile Marketers Speak Part 5: Concerns about App Fraud

In yesterday’s mobile marketing survey post, we discussed how the spending patterns of app marketers are changing. In today’s post, we’re focused on the risks and costs of app fraud.

Mobile Marketers Speak Part 4: App Marketing Media Trends

In yesterday’s post about our mobile marketing survey, we discussed the growing importance of user quality in app marketing decisions. Today we’re going to zero in on how and where

Mobile Marketers Speak Part 3: Passion for Quality Users

In yesterday’s mobile marketing survey post, we discussed how apps make and spend money. Today our focus is on users and how mobile app marketers are spending more time and

Mobile Marketers Speak Part 2:  The Business Measures of App Marketing

This post is part of a series that focus on the results of a recent survey of mobile app marketers that Apsalar fielded in close partnership with Thomvest Ventures. Yesterday’s