Mobile Marketers Speak Part 3: Passion for Quality Users

In yesterday’s mobile marketing survey post, we discussed how apps make and spend money. Today our focus is on users and how mobile app marketers are spending more time and

Mobile Marketers Speak Part 2:  The Business Measures of App Marketing

This post is part of a series that focus on the results of a recent survey of mobile app marketers that Apsalar fielded in close partnership with Thomvest Ventures. Yesterday’s

Mobile Marketers Speak Part 1: Mobile Marketing Teams and Challenges

Apsalar, in close partnership with one of our key investors, Thomvest Ventures, recently fielded a quantitative survey to find out more about what marketers are thinking and doing as we


Editor’s Note: Apsalar is fortunate to work with many of the world’s best app technology and media providers. From time to time, we will be sharing posts written by leading

iOS 10 and Mobile App Attribution: What You Need to Know

by Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support The upcoming iOS 10 launch brings with it exciting new opportunities for app developers and publishers. It also requires that app attribution

UI Enhancements for Apsalar Attribution

by Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support Apsalar is proud to announce improvements to our user interface, designed to make working with our service simpler and easier. All of

Big Mobile App Marketing Glossary

Mobile app marketing is different from many other forms of marketing, and much of the terminology used is unique to the field. We developed this glossary to help those in

eMarketer’s Seven Ecommerce Trends You Need to Understand Now a Great Watch

4.08.2016   Jim Nichols   Data   No comments

eMarketer develops great research for all sectors of digital, and has a particularly strong focus on commerce. Their recent webinar, entitled 7 Ecommerce Trends You Need to Understand, is a

Great Insights in eMarketer’s Latest Mobile Statpack

eMarketer just published a great set of slides they are calling the US Mobile Time and Activities Statpack. It’s available for free on their site (reg required.) It’s definitely worth

Jampp’s New Study: Consumer Behavior on eCommerce Apps

You may already have heard about or seen the coverage of Jampp’s new study of consumer behavior in ecommerce apps. This major new report provides some rich insights on how consumers