Welcome Srujan Akula – Apsalar’s New VP of Product

We are delighted to announce that Srujan Akula has joined Apsalar this week, taking on the role of VP of Product for the company. In this post, he will be

Interesting Stats on Mobile Time Spent Shopping

Today on Business Insider there was a really telling graph that we thought we’d reproduce here so that more people are aware of the important trend it signals. See the

Apsalar Cofounder and CEO Michael Oiknine to Speak at Ad Exchanger’s Clean Ads I/O

Ad quality and fraud are hot topics both inside and outside the mobile app realm. Ad Exchanger has launched a powerful new event entitled Clean Ads I/O which is designed

Take a More Strategic Approach to Mobile App Remarketing

Mobile app retargeting and remarketing are the fastest growing arenas of mobile app marketing today. On our platform, for example, the volume of retargeting/remarketing activity has increased more than 900%

Mobile App Fraud: How Apsalar Helps Clients Address and Prevent It

Mobile app fraud is a topic of growing concern among app developers and publishers. And for good reason. While estimates of the costs of Android and iOS app fraud vary,

Apsalar Announces Beta of New Flexible Spend Tracking

By Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support Apsalar is pleased to announce that we have begun a beta launch of a new spend tracking feature for our platform. This

Food for Thought – Some Key Industry Trends for 2016 (Post 4 of 4)

Our last post discussed why issues of user quality warrant your attention. Now let me move on to the final theme: Marketers are focused on proactively improving post-install engagement with investments

Food for Thought – Some Key Industry Trends for 2016 (Post 3 of 4)

Yesterday we reviewed some of the changes in the ways that people spend their marketing budgets. Today we’re going to talk about why user retention metrics, uninstall rates, and growth

Food for Thought – Some Key Industry Trends for 2016 (Post 2 of 4)

Yesterday we reviewed how marketer passions have evolved from a laser beam focus on install counts to one that’s about the entire customer and their ongoing relationship with a brand.

Food for Thought – Some Key Industry Trends for 2016 (Post 1 of 4)

Apsalar recently hosted a Google Partner event  where we discussed some of the key trends we are seeing in the mobile app industry, and we thought we’d share some highlights here. We