Welcome Facebook to the Mobile App Measurement Party!


  The news is everywhere. Facebook is introducing its own mobile app measurement solution. So what is the significance of this announcement for mobile marketers? We think there are five key points: Mobile app attribution/measurement really matters to marketers in 2015 When Facebook acts, people take notice. Facebook doesn’t pursue things that aren’t important. This […]

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Apsalar Becomes Certified Twitter Mobile Measurement Marketing Platform Partner for App Promotion Ads


Apsalar, the leading enterprise mobile attribution & intelligence platform, announced today that it has added tracking & attribution capabilities for Twitter Mobile App Promotion campaigns. Apsalar clients will now be able to measure the performance of Twitter campaigns in driving app installs and key in-app user behaviors such as retention, engagement, and revenue. Apsalar’s mobile […]

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Introducing the Traffic Report


In conjunction with our new Re-engagement Tracking feature, Apsalar is rolling out a new way to monitor, filter, and visualize your applications data, the Traffic Report. The Traffic Report not only allows you to monitor attributions from both acquisition and retargeting campaigns, but also your organic traffic. In an easy to configure, single report, you […]

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Introducing Re-engagement Tracking

We are excited to announce the addition of Re-engagement Tracking to Apsalar’s platform! While acquisition campaigns will always be an essential part of any marketing plan, the mobile advertising industry is beginning to see a shift towards retargeting as advertisers start focusing on the value of their existing users. As high-value users begin to churn, […]

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Apsalar To Focus on Mobile Measurement & Audience Management; Exits Mobile DSP Business


Apsalar, a leading mobile measurement & intelligence platform and certified Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP), announced today that it will exit the programmatic media business to focus all development resources on its analytics and audience management platform. According to Michael Oiknine, CEO of Apsalar, “Our programmatic media business has been a strong growth driver to […]

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Introducing Postback Management Tool


Apsalar is happy to announce our latest feature, a self-service tool for creating and managing postbacks. With our new postback management tool, you can now send notifications to any recipient when a user completes an install, revenue event, or any other custom event you track with Apsalar. We know how important on the fly changes […]

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A Letter to Clients of HasOffers


Clients of HasOffers, As a measurement partner of Facebook and hundreds of other networks, we understand how critical attribution is for mobile marketers.  We also realize that selecting an attribution partner is no small decision.  As such, we’re doing everything in our power to create easy solutions that will allow you to continue your day-to-day […]

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Adopting Apsalar Attribution Tracking via API


The recent changes in Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) has left many marketers without an attribution solution for install campaigns running on Facebook.  With Apsalar’s recently launched simple Event API, we provide a quick and easy way to measure all campaigns, including iOS campaigns on Facebook, using existing SDK integrations.  While the best way to […]

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Apsalar’s Take on Apple’s Recent Stance Towards IDFA


Fool Me Once, Shame On You Apple; Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me The mobile app industry is again abuzz with news that apps are being rejected from the app store by accessing the IDFA (Identifier For Advertising) without serving ads inside their apps. In June 2012, I wrote about why the IDFA, which had […]

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Apple IDFA Changes: Common Questions & Next Steps


Update: Apple’s updated policy now allows applications to use the IDFA to attribute app installs and post-install actions. The new policy outlines three scenarios for the acceptable use of IDFA: Serve advertisements within an app Attribute app installation to a previously served advertisement Attribute a post-install action taken within the app to a previously served […]

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