When Uninstalls Attack! Winning the Battle Against High Uninstall Rates

No, it’s nothing like a zombie apocalypse or Godzilla. But app uninstall rates are a big concern on a lot of marketer minds, and they can do serious harm to

Apsalar Launches Ad Network Topline Reporting in Its Client Dashboard

by Jonathan Chen Director of Product and Support As many of you know, Apsalar works hard to be the first to market with key new features designed to help marketers take

Meet Apsalar CEO Michael Oiknine During His Trip to the EU

Our CEO, Michael Oiknine, will be visiting Britain and Germany during his trip to Mobile World Congress. If you are an app publisher based in London, or Berlin, or you

App Uninstall Tracking and App Store/Google Play Rankings

Over the past two weeks or so, we’ve been talking a lot about mobile app uninstall measurement and uninstall tracking. Many of the key reasons why you should care about

Going to Mobile Growth Summit? Let’s Talk

We’re happy to announce that Apsalar is a sponsor for the upcoming Mobile Growth Summit in San Francisco. As part of our sponsorship, we will be giving a fast-moving presentation

How Marketers Use App Uninstall Tracking Data

As you may know, Apsalar has just introduced uninstall tracking as a standard feature of its Apsalar Attribution platform. App uninstall tracking refers to measuring the rate of installers who

The Holiday Shopping Season

There’s always lots of buzz surrounding holiday shopping trends, and the impact that digital is making on them. There’s a new study from IBM that sheds lots of light on

Marketer Concerns and Mobile App Uninstall Metrics

There us an interesting post today over at eMarketer on the key issues tsenior marketers fret about. The data, from the Korn Ferry Marketing Pulse Survey 2015, show that marketers are

Apsalar CEO Michael Oiknine Visiting EU, Attending MWC

By Michael Oiknine Cofounder and CEO, Apsalar I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to Europe for Mobile World Congress 2016, and hope to see many of you there.

Mitigating Mobile App Uninstalls with Remarketing

Perhaps the biggest driver of a mobile app uninstall, besides basic app performance, is when the app never makes it into a user’s routine. We all understand how hard it