Address your biggest growth opportunities by creating high-performing audiences of users for precision, customized marketing efforts. Leverage your valuable first-party data to identify the right users for specific business-building use cases. Define user segments for customized marketing efforts to drive engagement and sales. Identify an audience of new users for messaging designed to drive relaunches in the first hours and days after an install. Segment cart abandoners and intenders for proactive marketing to close sales. Even improve your UA efforts by profiling your best users and enriching lookalike models.

The mobile app audiences segmentation component of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud is powered by business and user-level insights from our attribution and analytics toolsets. Using these rich first-party mobile app user signals, you can craft high-performing audiences based on many user characteristics and behaviors. Carve out groups of smartphone app users based on actions they’ve taken – or haven’t taken. Create high-performing app audiences based on device type, OS, campaign source and more.

Unlock the power of your precious first-party mobile app data to power personalized marketing based on user characteristics and behaviors. Uses these segments as target audiences for powerful marketing programs to drive incremental revenue and engagement.

  • Attribution Sources, Location, Device Info
  • Revenue, Retention, Activity, Uninstalls
  • Purchases Add to Cart, Search Intent
  • Any In-App Event Tracked, Including Custom Events

With Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud, you can create app user audiences based on dozens of dimensions – whatever characteristics enable you to drive deeper user engagement and grow your app business. Improve your marketing focus and performance against KPIs with precision-targeted initiatives and messaging that put mobile app customer wants and needs first.

Custom mobile app user audiences can enable a broad range of initiatives — all designed to get more people to the next level in their ongoing app brand relationships. With Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud, you’ll be able to define key mobile app user groups and get them to engage and progress in their brand relationships.

  • Driving new mobile app user engagement
  • Stimulating more potential in-app purchases buyers
  • Reactivating lapsed smartphone app users and re-engaging uninstallers
  • More focused mobile app lookalike targeting of best customers

Turn more mobile app users into customers with focused messaging based on what each individual does and cares about. From closing more cart abandoners to turning search intent into purchases, Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud can help you nail your iOS and Android app KPIs with focused communications that really move the needle.

Getting the best results for your mobile app marketing investments is even easier with available troubleshooting and assistance from your implementation lead and expert account manager.

  • Comprehensive app data onboarding
  • Knowledgeable account manager for every client
  • Complete training for you and your team
  • Expert help from our renowned technical team