Get the mobile app attribution data you need to profile customers and identify sales opportunities. Assess ROI performance for all your marketing partners. Why settle for an partial view of the market that excludes important publishers when Apsalar can provide a 360 view, including comprehensive Facebook attribution. Collect and measure customer acquisition and re-engagement actions. Understand every customer event to bring each person into perfect focus.

Use Apsalar’s app analytics funnel analysis to assess marketing effectiveness by vendor for acquisition and remarketing. Track mobile app browsing, purchases, LTV, category, SKU info and more. Plus, SmartTags enable mcommerce brands to use one tag to send customers  to five different destinations, on and off app stores, based on OS and install status. Use them for deep linking users to specific content.

Get easy access to all the relevant Android and iOS app marketing and in-app event information for your Android and iOS apps, so you spend your time on strategy instead of pulling data.  Apsalar’s mobile app attribution and analytics platform offers more reporting options and an intuitive UI.

  • Many pre-built reports and ways to customize
  • Easy-to-use mobile application cohort analysis tools
  • 99.9% uptime for maximum reliability
  • Low platform latency to speed your tasks

Get a perfect understanding of what drove key Mobile application customer events for both Android and iOS apps. Apsalar Attribution measures ROI for app remarketing efforts without double-counting. Optimize by investing in the app marketing tactics that are best at driving customers to take action.  Plus, you can credit purchases to remarketing and track app LTV to the original referring partner. All from one robust mobile app attribution and measurement platform solution.

The Apsalar Attribution mobile measurement solution conforms to you, your business and your specific app revenue opportunities. Get Android and iOS app analytics and measurement the way you want it. Plus, innovative features like SmartTags make key tasks simpler and easier.

  • Track unlimited event types at no extra charge
  • Define custom shopping actions to track
  • Simplify internal reporting with custom views and analyses
  • Get help migrating iOS and Android legacy app measurement data

Know faster if your app marketing media tests are yielding great results. Engagement Indexing provides a single metric to assess new app marketing media. Use this powerful mobile attribution and analytics tool to rank customer volume and quality in days, not weeks.

Our mobile app attribution solution offers help and support whenever you need it. Dedicated teams ensure that you get maximum value from your mobile app marketing attribution tool. It’s the best way to get precise and comprehensive Android and iOS app measurement and attribution.

  • Engagement begins with an assigned implementation lead
  • Your team can access comprehensive documentation
  • Work with an assigned expert account lead
  • Tech team available for challenging issues