The Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud is built on a foundation of marketing and user data from our state-of-the-art attribution and measurement toolset. Measure performance across all channels and partners — from Facebook to Twitter, Google, Apple and more than 1,000 ad networks. Eliminate install double counting and save 20% or more of your install marketing budget. Track every in-app event to understand how users engage with your app after an install.  Measure the effectiveness of both install and remarketing efforts, and optimize for the best ROI.

Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud is integrated with mobile device media partners across the ecosystem. We’re an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) and official attribution and measurement partners of Google, Twitter, Apple and Pinterest. Plus, we have data integrations with more than 1,000 media providers worldwide. That means comprehensive mobile app tracking, wherever you offer your app.

Get easy access to all marketing and in-app event data for your mobile apps. Spend your time developing and executing strategies to impact user behavior, instead of pulling data. The mobile app tracking component of Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud is used by many of the world’s leading mobile app businesses in Gaming, Retail, Travel, On-Demand Services, Finance and more.

  • Many pre-built reports and ways to customize
  • 99.9% uptime for maximum reliability
  • Low platform latency to speed your tasks
  • Choice of SDK, API, or hybrid implementations

The attribution component of Apsalar’s Mobile Marketing Cloud measures iOS, Android and Windows app installs and re-engagement without double-counting. You’ll never pay two or more vendors for the same mobile app install. Our platform also tracks and associates in-app purchases at a user level to enable measurement and optimization to user quality. And because we retain your business data for two years instead of 90 days, we ensure that you won’t pay for the same install on multiple occasions.

Analyze your app acquisition and user data based on the unique characteristics of your business. We also offer innovative mobile app tracking features like uninstall attribution to simplify and enrich mobile app measurement. Plus, Apsalar SmartTags enable you to use one tag to deliver users to up to five destinations based on OS and install state.

  • Track unlimited mobile app event types
  • Compare uninstall rates to assess user quality
  • Use APIs to simplify internal mobile app business reporting
  • No charge for data migration from other attribution platforms

Speed to market is essential when it comes to smartphone app advertising. Know faster if your mobile app advertising tests are yielding great results. Engagement Indexing provides a single metric to assess new mobile app marketing partners. Use this powerful mobile app attribution and analytics tool to rank customer volume and user quality for mobile apps in days, not weeks.

Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud offers outstanding help and support whenever you need it. Dedicated teams ensure that you get maximum value from our mobile app attribution tool.

  • Engagement begins with an assigned implementation lead
  • Your team can access comprehensive documentation
  • Mobile app measurement clients work with an assigned, expert account lead
  • Our tech team is also available for challenging issues