Apsalar is Merging with Singular


Bold new chapter in our history creates the first and most powerful end-to-end marketing analytics platform, designed to empower marketers with the most vital insights to drive ROI across mobile, desktop and offline channels.

by Michael Oiknine
Apsalar Cofounder and CEO

I am pleased to let you know that Apsalar has entered into a merger agreement with Singular, the global leader in unified marketing analytics. This important news helps us build for the next chapter in our work with our clients.

Many of you will already know Singular – a company that has taken our industry by storm over the past couple of years, enabling data-oriented marketers to connect, analyze, and automate siloed marketing data, giving them the most vital insights they need to drive ROI. Their unified analytics platform has tracked over $7 billion in digital marketing investment to revenue and lifetime value across industries including commerce, travel, gaming like the top 5 netent slots, entertainment and on-demand services. They are a global company with particular strength in the US and EMEA.

And they are an amazing fit with Apsalar. Let me show you why.

Our Shared Vision: One Platform, One Source of Truth

The mobile industry has changed incredibly rapidly over the past couple of years. Today’s marketers know that true, data-driven-marketing holds the key to driving the best possible results. Attribution plays a key role in helping marketers deliver on a data-driven vision. But attribution is only part of the story.

Both of our companies provide an essential link in creating that comprehensive user-level view. Both of our teams had an identical vision. That’s why bringing our companies together makes so much sense. By uniting our capabilities and teams now, we can move far more quickly to offer a full suite of fully integrated services that empower you to drive the most ROI possible from marketing investments.

To offer one platform – one source of truth – that enables marketers to measure ROI at the user level and maximize performance against any KPI.

What’s Ahead for Clients: A Unique Platform

We’re already working on a major enrichment of our attribution capabilities and usability. With the new platform we are building, our existing clients will get access to:

  1. A completely new, outstandingly robust and flexible UI
  2. New tools to detect and protect your marketing plans from fraud
  3. New flexibility regarding look-back and attribution windows
  4. Other new features and improvements designed to ensure we offer the industry’s best attribution offering across all dimensions

Best of all, Singular’s massive engineering and product teams have already joined forces with our technology experts – everyone driving themselves to ensure we deliver as soon as possible. In fact, that rapid pace of change is a key reason why we undertook this merger, and believe so strongly in its transformative value.

In the next few months, you will also learn about game-changing new offerings that will help you achieve your business goals in new and profound ways.

Seamless Transition for Clients

For now, the Apsalar platform will continue to operate as usual, with the same range of capabilities and outstanding security features as before. Your account manager has not changed. Emails addresses stay the same. The ways that you can reach out to customer support remain the same. Contracts remain unchanged. There’s nothing you need to do right now.

When we have our new features and services ready, your Apsalar team will work with each client individually to ensure both the smoothest possible transition, full training, and a strong focus on introducing you to new features so you can take maximum advantage.

Our New Brand and Leadership Organization

The merged businesses will operate under the Singular brand led by Singular CEO & Co-Founder Gadi Eliashiv. I will join as Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer, focused on ensuring getting clients to leverage our services and maximizing their strategic business value. Apsalar and Singular leaders will be working together to realize our vision.

Thank You

As Apsalar and Singular take this important next step as a united company under the Singular brand, I want to take a few minutes to thank our clients and partners for their partnership over the last several years.

When you offer services like ours, you are always abundantly aware that even the best products and services depend on the vigorous work and ideas of clients and partners to create business value. I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish as a company. But I am also humbled because none of it would have been possible without your commitment and partnership. Thank you.

And my personal thanks to every member of the Apsalar team that has worked so hard to help us get this far – and who will be a part of our bright future as part of a united Singular.

Thank you for our fast-growth past, our exciting present, and our bright future together.

If you’d like to receive updates on our progress and other news about our united company, please fill out the form below. 


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