What a Year and Thank You!


As 2016 draws to a close, we thought we’d take a few moments to reflect on some of the great things that have happened over the past year. Sometimes a dynamic environment like Apsalar’s evolves so quickly that we forget to see the forest of progress for the individual trees that we are working on at the moment. This post is a little way to help us all remember. And express our appreciation to our clients and one another.

Worldwide Rollout of Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud

For us, the most exciting development of 2016 was the rollout of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud.

A little background: The attribution 0business is our heritage, and we continue to ensure that our offering has both the critical features and game-changing innovations necessary to lead that industry. But insight without action really is like cake without frosting. What’s the point?

Our new integrated service delivers the insights of our world-class attribution platform, category leading analytics, precision user audience segmentation, and seamless, secure audience distribution to partners of the client’s choosing.

That’s what it is. But what’s really important is what it does. Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud helps major app publishers greatly increase app installs AND revenue per user. Our solution helps leading brands deliver customized marketing programs that drive both immediate revenue and long-term engagement. It’s all built on the simple concept of getting users to take the next step in their customer journeys – no matter which stage they are in your buying funnel. The most common ways people use the Apsalar Cloud are:

At the top of the funnel:

  • Driving significantly higher install counts from the same marketing budgets
  • Activating millions of new app installers into registered users and buyers
  • Winning back tens of thousands of lapsed users and uninstallers

Toward the bottom of the funnel

  • Boosting cart abandon conversions by an order to magnitude
  • And driving $millions in incremental purchases from brand and app loyalists

It’s all about the marriage of insight and actionability. And it’s transforming our business and how we serve app marketing organizations worldwide.

Massive Revenue Growth

Another year of triple-digit growth! It’s so exciting and gratifying to work in a company where you can see the progress in a sales line that is shaped like a hockey stick. North America, South America and Asia continue to be our strongest growth sectors, and both our customer count and average account size continue to climb as clients capitalize on the burgeoning app sector.

New Asia Hub

We opened a full-service office in India to better serve our large client base in India and Asia. Our team there gets strong reviews from our clients and has brought incredible skillsets, passions, and energies to our organization. And we’re so proud of how hard our global teams have worked to keep each other connected, informed, and closely collaborating.

Improved Features and Reliability

Our services, infrastructure and capabilities have changed in so many ways over the past 12 months. Just a few highlights:

Massive Spark Deployment: Apsalar is driving innovation in the mobile attribution and audience development sector with its deployment of Spark, the industry’s most anticipated and fastest growing execution framework for big data. Spark represents a major advance over other big data analysis frameworks like Hadoop and is transforming how we serve our clients. The explosion in the amount and importance of big marketing data creates unique opportunities to drive extraordinary growth. Spark is transforming the way Apsalar processes data, provides intelligence using the best cloud options, and empowers mobile marketers with actionable growth opportunities.

Uninstall Attribution: Apsalar was the first mobile app attribution provider to offer both iOS and Android uninstall attribution with all data available at the user level. User-level data transforms what could be a “check-box”, nice-to-know metric into a powerful optimization toolset that helps clients adjust their marketing programs to deliver the highest possible user quality. This groundbreaking Apsalar uninstall measurement offering enables mobile app marketers to compare uninstall rates across vendors, campaigns, creatives, regions, cohorts, buying models and more. Using these insights, they can optimize their media investments and messaging efforts to attract and retain more quality app users.

Flexible Spend Tracking: Marketers want a single place to access both campaign spend data and marketing performance information. Our Flexible Spend Tracking enables marketers to track spend for any vendor and pricing model, right in the Apsalar platform.

New Post-Back Processing Platform: We developed and deployed an entirely new postback management system to raise the standard in the mobile marketing measurement category by ensuring maximum accuracy and speed. The new system addresses both the profound complexities of delivering accurate and timely information to clients and partners and the constant growth of both the number and types of data that need to be posted back.
New UI/UE: The Apsalar platform has a new UI that’s cleaner and easier to use than ever before. Developed in close partnership with some of our most active clients, it’s made a big difference in both overall usability and speed to insights. Further, it was developed in the React framework to make it far faster and easier optimize the design and test new features and functionality.

New Partners: Dozens and dozens of new media integrations ensure we continue to cover the waterfront with all the partners our clients care to use.

New View-Through Measurement Capabilities: We launched view-through attribution measurement in conjunction with Facebook’s roll-out of this metric.

Commitment to Data Integrity and Security: We’ve redoubled on our commitment to owning and operating our own attribution servers to provide better security, data integrity, and uptime levels versus hosting with cloud services. And those big hardware, software and training investments are enabling us to grow in both client count, capacity, and services we provide.

Big Investment in Support and Client Service: Apsalar has always received high scores from clients for the level of customer service and account management we provide, we utilize the best CRM software provided by companies like Salesforce. To ensure that we continue to lead in these areas, we have aggressively hired new team members – at a rate even higher than our growth in client count. As a result, our overall client satisfaction scores have increased, and we have further slashed response times to client questions and issues.

An Attitude of Gratitude

A big thank you to every person on our team who helped make this such a wonderful year for Apsalar.

And a final, even bigger thank you:

As service providers, we understand that our work and progress are made possible by the great client organizations we work with. As 2017 begins, we thank you for your past business and look forward to continued partnership in the months and years ahead.

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