The Four Components of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud Suite


Looking for more specific information on the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud? The fully integrated app attribution, measurement and audiences platform helps marketers drive extraordinary ROI through more targeted customer acquisition and remarketing. There are four key components to the Apsalar Cloud:

  • Attribution Measurement: Premium attribution that measures the marketing effectiveness of campaigns on any media platform, and tracks user actions in rich, first-party profiles.
  • Business and User Analytics: Category-leading analytics tools designed to enable both long-term business analysis and insights into high-value users and customers.
  • Audience Creation: Precision segmentation tools to create high-performing audiences of users for tailored marketing efforts.
  • Audience Distribution: Sophisticated synchronization engine shares audiences with partners to power targeted marketing programs that drive more ROI. Enterprise security and business rules prevent data leakage, so brands stay in control of their first-party data.

You can learn more about each of these capabilities below:

1) Attribution: The Foundation

The Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud starts with mobile app attribution to provide the critical data foundation necessary to power customer-centered, data-driven marketing. Mobile app attribution is rather different from other forms of attribution, and having a robust toolset to credit installs and other desirable consumer events to programs and vendors is critical.

Our attribution platform offers a comprehensive media view that encompasses Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple and more than 1000 mobile ad networks worldwide. With such a comprehensive vantage point, we can offer a true view into the effectiveness of your marketing partners and programs. We can also deduplicate your installs and remarketing events so that you never pay twice for the same install.

Another critical advantage we offer is a two-year data retention policy. With two years of data, you’ll never pay twice for installs as you might with vendors that retain data for just 90 days.

Our attribution service also offers a great deal of flexibility concerning how you analyze your business. Because we enable marketers to track any in-app event, we can provide the insight necessary to assess the quality of users driven by any install source.

We also offer category-leading capabilities like granular uninstall and retention measurement. More and more marketers are focused on ensuring that the quality of the users they attract is strong. Raw install count metrics have given way to understanding how many quality installs have been attracted by a partner or program.

User quality – as demonstrated by ONGOING use and in-app purchases – is what counts to most marketers. Recently, Apsalar conducted a piece of survey research in which we asked mobile marketers from around the world about their challenges and the strategies they are utilizing. In the mobile marketing survey, 84% of our marketers report that their KPIs focus on revenue rather than install counts. Revenue is the surest indicator of user quality.


78% of marketers who responded to the mobile marketing survey also explicitly told us that they and their teams are much more focused on user quality than in the past.


Mobile marketers well know that all attribution offerings are not the same. With Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud, your insights and actioning platform rests on a robust foundation of attribution data and insights. It’s premium attribution that’s seamlessly integrated into a larger platform focused on action and driving outstanding results.

2) Analytics: Know Your Business and Users 

As marketers, we are never quite so content as when we have a rich understanding of user behavior and business metrics so that we can determine appropriate future courses of action. That’s why Apsalar has spent so much time and attention on creating the analytics service in our Mobile Marketing Cloud Suite.

Many mobile attribution platforms were built years ago when the market was primarily driven by gaming apps like pig wizard jackpot king. With games, product lifecycles and consumer relationships tend to be relatively short. But as game publishers have grown more sophisticated, and as the app market has moved to encompass a broad range of app types (e.g., retail, travel, financial services, on-demand services, etc.) today’s app marketers need a longer view of things.

No retailer, for example, wants a 30-day or even a 90-day user relationship. Rather, such apps want to become routinized into long-term user experience. It’s unlikely that readers of this blog would argue against that point. But too many mobile app measurement platforms focus solely on short-term metrics and retain data for just 90 days. With Apsalar, you can retain data for two years so that you can conduct real LTV and ARPU analyses, to name just two of the ways you can gauge your long-term business performance.

Another way that our analytics services provide value is that they offer universal spend tracking – a way to combine campaign cost information with your campaign performance measurement. Our methodology at Apsalar allows you to track with any partner and using any major buying model – CPI, CPC, CPM or CPA.

Marketers also need to go deep in their user data to understand the characteristics and behaviors that make a high-value user. At Apsalar, we offer the best cohort reporting capabilities available in the industry so that you can dig into your user data to find those key inflection points that will enable you to understand and attract more of your best users.

We also enable marketers to track uninstalls on eight different dimensions so they can understand the quality and longevity of user groups at both macro and granular levels. Our Cohort Reporting includes the ability to analyze installs so as to measure and optimize how long you keep users.

And for those companies that have built or purchased internal business intelligence systems and want a secure and simple way to include app data in those analyses, we offer both reporting and raw data APIs. All these capabilities and more comprise the second pillar of our Mobile Marketing Cloud.

Audiences: Creating High-Performing Segments to Put Your Insights to Work 


(Screenshot of a small portion of the Audience Segmentation component of the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud. In this example, the platform is comparing attributions, revenue and uninstall rates across partners. Note: all data are simulated.)

Actionability is a cornerstone of the Mobile Marketing Cloud from Apsalar. Once you have measured campaign performance with our premium attribution capabilities, and then garnered rich insights through state-of-the-art analytics, you can now activate that data-driven insights through audience creation.

The core of data-driven marketing is the ability to field custom marketing streams optimized for each user. Apsalar’s audience creation tools enable you to segment users based upon characteristics and behaviors so you can cost-effectively advertise and message to groups of people in similar circumstances.

For example: Instead of treating all your users the same, you can, segment your heavy buyers and market to them differently than you do your recent installers.

Remarketing – the act of proactively reaching out to existing users – is the fastest growing area of app marketing. For lots of good reasons. Consider the following widely reported industry stats:

~ 22% of paid installs for enterprise apps are uninstalled within the first four weeks
~ 34% of apps are used two times or less
~ 95% of users stop using an app within 60 days of installing it

With numbers like those, it makes sense to focus on trying to strengthen the engagement and usage of apps proactively. Tactics like push notifications work, among those people that opt-in to receive them. They are an important part of any user retention strategy. But remarketing provides a way to engage all of your users and encourage them to do things like:

~ Return to an app in the critical first hours and days of an install
~ Persuade uninstallers to give an app another try
~ Convince them to take actions that deepen their engagement, like encouraging cart abandoners to return to complete a transaction.
~ Convince buyers to make incremental purchases and increase their ARPU and LTV

Earlier we referenced a research study of mobile app marketers that we fielded in July and August of 2016. That study has some fascinating insights on the growth and popularity of remarketing. Almost 60% said they are fielding some remarketing today. And another 28% say they will in the next 12 months.


While the amount of money invested in remarketing is modest so far, it is widely expected to increase in the coming months.


Our audience segmentation capabilities are designed to enable marketers to aggressively pursue remarketing while at the same time staying in full control of their first-party data assets.

First, our segmentation tools enable you to carve out user segments based on a broad range of criteria. These include, but are not limited to:

~ Attribution sources
~ Uninstalls
~ Revenue
~ # of sessions
~ Device Info
~ Apps
~ Location
~ Purchases
~ Add to cart
~ Searches
~ Days since last activity
~ Any in-app event
   ~ Recent purchase
   ~ Level completed
   ~ Check size
   ~ Check color
   ~ Check destination
   ~ Category affinities

You achieve this through an easy-to-use segmentation interface that both provides your options and helps you keep track of what criteria you have thus far selected. We’ve also created use-case specific pre-set segmentations to make creating your audiences even easier.

You create high-performing audiences based on the best data there is – your first-party data. First party data offers a large set of advantages, but the most important are:

~ It’s about your brand and category
~ It’s yours, so it’s free and it’s also unique – unknown to your competitors
~ It’s more recent than almost any third-party datasets that may be available
~ It’s behavior-driven

The other way that such precise segments can be leveraged is via tailored, personalized messaging. Apsalar offers what we call dynamic, deferred deep linking that enables clients to feature specific messaging for each user based on their past in-app behaviors. Such ads perform significantly better than general messages.



4) Distribution: Securely Sharing Audiences with your Preferred Partners and Platforms 

So, you have your performance and customer data. You’ve analyzed it. And you’ve used it to create high-performing audiences. Now it’s time to put those audiences to work in driving your KPIs The Distribution component of our Mobile Marketing Cloud does just that!

With the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud, you have a safe and easy way to distribute and synchronize audiences to leading partners and platforms. You can then use whichever partners you prefer to field remarketing and other targeting custom campaigns. With just a few clicks you can set sharing business rules and deliver audiences directly to leading partners. With Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud, you can protect your business from data leakage when you share audiences because we offer true, enterprise-grade security. By sharing only what partners need to know, you protect your first-party data assets.

Four Components – One Integrated Solution

The Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud is a four-component suite that brings all the benefits of data-driven marketing to the burgeoning mobile app sector. Learn more about the Apsalar Mobile Marketing Cloud by contacting us at

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