Apsalar Announces Enhancements to Our Partner Portal


Jonathan Chen

By Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Customer Support

Apsalar offers what we call a “Partner Portal” to help clients share information with their media vendors, and to help those partners gain more insight into campaign performance.

Now we have made several enhancements to the Partner Portal to make it even more valuable:

Improved UI: We’ve made a number of improvements to the look and feel of the Partner Portal. All are designed to make it faster and easier to get to the information that a partner needs.

Postback Reports:  Postback Reports are now available on the Partner Portal as well. A Postback Report provides a real-time record of the postbacks that a client has shared with partners. The concept behind this report is to aid in reconciliation and mitigate discrepancies that can be both irritating and time-consuming for partners and clients alike. See the screenshot below for an example of a daily install postback count for a particular partner and campaign. Note: all data are simulated.


Traffic Reports: Traffic Reports are also now available in the Partner Portal. These provide basic attribution metrics with the same views into vendor and campaign performance as clients see, so that everyone is operating from the same information and data. Using Traffic Reports, partners can analyze campaign performance at the aggregated level as well as by campaign, creative, country, region, sub publisher and more, using whatever time dimensions they choose. Clients can also choose to share other event data to help partners understand the quality and longevity of the users that they drive to an app.

Note that certain metrics like revenue and other highly sensitive data are not available on the partner version of the Traffic Reports.

Below is an example of a Traffic Report view. In this case, results are being parsed by country.


To use the Partner Portal, visit Partners.Apsalar.com. If you don’t yet have an account, please email Support end we will create one for you.

Thanks to all those team members that made these important improvements possible.

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