Remarketing Rockets to 14% of Paid Events


As a measurement and audiences company, we closely follow developments in the mobile app marketing space. And one of the biggest such developments — by far — is the megatrend toward proactive remarketing to app users and customers.

Let’s pause for a moment to clarify – by “remarketing” we mean more than just showing the last item a user views on an estore in banner ads. Such retargeting messages represent a significant share of total remarketing, but there are many other remarketing strategies as well that have nothing to do with shopping cart abandons. Wee define remarketing as any paid effort to increase engagement and purchases by existing users.

Further, we don’t use the term “megatrend” lightly. In a survey of global mobile marketers that we conducted in partnership with Thomvest over the summer, we learned that 58% of marketers have at least tested remarketing, and that another 28% expected to add it to their programs in the next year. That cumes to 86% of marketers poised to be remarketing in 2017.


But the real proof that remarketing is heating up comes from data in our platform. We’ve tracked the share remarketing’s share of total paid events across the entire Apsalar footprint, and found that it had risen to 14%! That’s almost a four-fold increase over just one year ago.

Now, it’s important to note that Apsalar’s client based is disproportionately composed of enterprise-sized app publishers, who tend to be earlier movers as regards mobile marketing strategies. So it would be extrapolation to declare that 14% of paid events across the entire app industry are remarketing events. But the rapid growth in remarketing activity — from a base of almost nothing in the beginning of 2015, represents one of the biggest changes in typical mobile app marketing programs and plans.

According to our analysis, the most popular strategies for remarketing are:


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