Android the Driving Force Behind Growing Global Smartphone Penetration


eMarketer published an impressive set of stats today, on the global penetration of smartphones. According to the research and insights company, the penetration of smartphones among mobile users. According to eMarketer, smartphone penetration among mobile users worldwide will hit almost 59% this year.


That cumes to roughly 2.5 billion smartphones in use. This chart from Wikipedia shows smartphone penetration for 41 countries worldwide, to provide you with a sense of the relative rates of usage in developed versus developing countries.


Credit Android (and relatively inexpensive smartphones) with powering these incredible figures. This chart from Statista shows both the enormous share Android devices now command.


From a pricing standpoint, smartphones are becoming cheaper in most regions.


Those numbers only hint at the growing numbers of cheap Android devices available in the developing world. In India, for example, feature packed smartphones regular list for less than $200, and smart(ish) phones with Internet service (but very small memories) can retail below $30. Almost all of the least expensive devices run on Android.

In short, Apple may be winning on margins, but Android is capturing a massive share of pocket.

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