New Pre-Built Audiences for the Apsalar Audience Builder


By Srujan Akula
Vice President of Product

As many of you know, Apsalar has been at the forefront of making tools to enable app marketers to do the same sort of data-driven marketing that has helped propel growth in other areas of digital.

Our platform creates a unified profile for every app ID, and then enables marketers to create segments of users for customized media and messaging programs with the partners of their choice.


Client usage of our audience tools is exploding, with 15% of paid events in our platform now attributed to remarketing and other user engagement campaigns.

To make it even easier for our clients to quickly create and deploy audiences, our team has built new audience templates for many of the most popular segmentation types in use by our clients.

An audience template automatically populates fields in the audience builder. By putting default values in the relevant areas, it speeds the process of creating and distributing and audience. Then, should the client wish to adjust the parameters of a template, they can do so in one step.


Our newest audience templates include:

Lapsed Users: This template automatically sets up an audience that has not visited your app in 30-days. You can quickly change the time window, and alter your definition of lapsed usage. This kind of audience is great for re-engagement marketing designed to bring people back to the app. You can use your audience to power both CRM programs like push notifications, or media buying.

High-Value Active Users: Here you use the template and then define your parameters of what a high-value buyer spends during a particular time period. Such audiences are great for upsell efforts and for programs designed to drive an incremental purchase occasion.

Lapsed Buyers: This template enables you to create a segment of users that you can market to in order to stimulate new purchases. You simply set the specs for what lapsed usage time period is relevant to your business.

New Installers: Last but by no means least, the New Installers template enables you to define a segment of new installers that you can reach out to in order to drive incremental app launches and usage. All industry research shows that driving multiple launches during the first hours and days of an install has an enormous impact on whether someone becomes a regular, long-term user of an app. In fact, the effects of this type of targeting are so profound that it is the most popular form of app user re-engagement.

These new templates are another way we are working to help make it easier for marketers to plan and execute customized, data-driven user engagement marketing programs. We will be updating and adding to the template library in the future. Specifically, we will be providing vertical-specific templates for retail, m-commerce, gaming etc.
Thanks to all in the organization who played a role in creating these templates.

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