Mobile Marketers Speak Part 6: Four Key Takeaways from the Survey


survey of mobile app marketers

We’ve spent the last week reviewing much of the data from our recent mobile marketer survey. Today we’re going to boil it down into fours salient takeaways.

1 The critical importance of data and analysis: Marketers are spending more time and basing more decisions on a real analysis of campaigns, partners and user quality. To do this, they are leveraging more and higher quality analytical tools to uncover the necessary insights.

Marketers – and especially app marketers – know that there is no substitute for having rich and robust data sets on which to build real business analysis.

2 Growing business and marketer sophistication: This is no longer an industry-driven by vanity metrics like huge install counts. Brands are focused on creating profitable longer-term relationships with customers.

So many of our marketers confirmed a trend we’ve been seeing in the Apsalar customer base for more than a year – that marketers are now laser-focused on maximizing revenue rather than simply building gigantic install accounts.

3 Emphasis on attracting and monetizing quality users. Marketers told us that garnering better users to install apps is a key focus, and so too is proactively building loyalty and revenue over time using marketing automation and push messages as well as major remarketing efforts.

Remarketing is the fastest growth category in app marketing. We’ve witnesses about a 14X growth of remarketing spend we track in our platform in just the last 15 months.

4 Reliance on proven marketing strategies and tactics, but with lots of experimentation and implementation of high engagement “new” media like video, content marketing. Direct response marketing is ultimately about finding a balance between funding your proven tactics while testing aggressively to identify new “winners”.

We hope that you have found this series of post useful and illuminating. The Apsalar team was so pleased to work with Thomvest on this important research initiative and thank them so much for their financial and analytical support.


And both Apsalar and Thomvest would like to thank those marketers that participated in this research particularly. We deeply appreciate your willingness to spend precious time identifying what’s on your minds.

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