Facebook View-Through Tracking Now Available to All Apsalar Clients


jonathan chen

By Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Support

We are excited to announce the roll-out of Facebook view-through tracking for all clients.

View-through refers to the ability to credit an ad campaign for an install even if no one has clicked on an ad. The idea behind view-through is that it makes a causal contribution to driving an install even if the viewer does not click the ad.

By tracking Facebook view-through as part of your app attribution and measurement, you will be able to make smarter decisions about campaigns, creatives and more. With view-through, the last ad impression is credited with an install if there are no ad clicks to attribute that install. We’re likely to see more clients consider this measurement as they evaluate and optimize campaigns.

View-through attribution & reporting will not affect your media costs for Facebook CPM or CPC campaigns. Rather, view-through measurement simply gives you another valuable analytical tool to improve your decision-making and optimization.

Here are a few screenshots with dummy data that begin to show you how understanding view-through attributions can be of tremendous benefit:

(Traffic report showing install counts for click- and view-through-based installs, and subsequent uninstalls)


(Example revenue analysis comparing revenue driven by click- versus view-through-attributed users)

Facebook view-through attribution measurement can be activated or deactivated in your attribution settings.


(Click to enable or disable.)

Clients that have additional questions about view-through attribution for Facebook should contact their account manager for more information.

Thanks to all on the team who participated in launching this Apsalar Attribution offering.


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