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If you have a moment, click on over to Thalamus for an interview about app marketing industry trends. From Jim Nichols, Apsalar VP-Marketing.

An excerpt:

At Mobile World Congress, there was a lot of tension between ad technology companies and ad blockers. How do you think this ad blocking connundrum will play out over the next few months and years?

I have strong personal views on this topic because I think to a large extent our industry created this problem. Something has to pay for the internet, and advertising has long been the preferred revenue model. The dynamics of digital mean that we need to deliver respectful and relevant messages at the right place and time to individuals. But too much mobile advertising relied on intrusiveness. It’s like Pop-Ups 2.0.

Further, I am convinced that the debate here is far far far too focused on tactics rather than the underlying strategic issue. We need to focus on how to respectfully engage the user, not bombard them with obnoxious and non-strategic experiences.

I feel fortunate to work in the app space right now because most app marketers understand that relevance is essential if an ad is going to drive an install or an in-app purchase. An app install ad that hogs processing power and impedes user experience isn’t going to drive a download and launch. A less experientially “in your face” execution can if its message has the necessary relevance. One of the hottest areas in the app world right now is precision audience segmentation so that marketers can deliver custom, personalized messages to app users.

With our platform, for example, you can segment out your profitable customers and deliver tailored remarketing messages to them. I know this has been common on the PC web for some time, but it’s new in our “appy” world. In addition, brands are using audience segmentation to give media companies far more precise acquisition lookalike profiles.

Over the coming months I am sure we will see more ad blockers and ad blocker blockers and ad blocker blocker blockers. But ultimately what we need to do is to bring relevance and respect to consumer engagements every time. Doing that is the only strategic way forward. That strategy make be best expressed in new formats, in more “native” ads, or whatever. That’s tactical.

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