Mobile Marketers Speak Part 5: Concerns about App Fraud


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In yesterday’s mobile marketing survey post, we discussed how the spending patterns of app marketers are changing. In today’s post, we’re focused on the risks and costs of app fraud.

App fraud is one of the biggest concerns on the minds of app marketers. In our app marketer survey, we asked a series of questions about fraud and their state of readiness as regards fraud risks.

78% of marketers agreed with the statement “I am very concerned about the costs of fraud in the app category.”

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That’s not just fear of the unknown. In fact, 64% of our marketers say that they have a strong understanding of how app fraud is perpetrated – critical knowledge to have if they are to take steps to mitigate some of the risks on their businesses.

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Marketers who answered our mobile marketing survey painted a less rosy picture of their company’s readiness for app fraud. Just 20% strongly agreed that their companies had a good handle on how to protect their businesses. (54% agreed strongly or somewhat.)

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Finally, most marketer survey respondents said their companies were not adequately prepared for the risks of app fraud. Only 39% said they felt their companies had made the investments necessary to meet the challenges.

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Given that the costs of app fraud are estimated at well over $1B, it’s natural that marketers are concerned.

You can get more information on the four key types of app fraud and how to mitigate risks here.

Tomorrow: Putting it All Together – 4 Key Takeaways from the Survey

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