UI Enhancements for Apsalar Attribution


jonathan chen

by Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Support

Apsalar is proud to announce improvements to our user interface, designed to make working with our service simpler and easier. All of the same great features are available – but the interface has been significantly improved. Here are a few of the highlights:

Readability: You’ll immediately notice improved clarity and readability in all elements of Apsalar Attribution. Note: all data are randomized and for illustrative purposes only.

newui1(All Apsalar Attribution pages are cleaner and easier to read. Click to enlarge)

New Charts/Graphs: Our graphs are now easier to read and understand, and you can adjust the format from line charts to bar and area charts.



(Just click the chart icons in the upper left and change your chart style.)

Our New Drag and Drop Report Builder: This new tool replaces dropdowns and pop-ups with a new drag and drop system for determining the data you will see featured in your reports. Simply drag elements from left to right to add them to your report. Drag them from right to left to remove them from reports.

newui5(First, open the Dimensions area by clicking the icon)

newui6(Then, drag and drop dimensions from left to right and right to left.)

click apply

(When you are finished, click Apply.)

This drag and drop functionality is in place for both the Dimensions area and the Metrics areas in Traffic Reports. For Metrics, just drag the appropriate items to the right and click the Metrics icon again to close the drag and drop. The report will automatically load.

find metrics

(Click the Metrics icon to drag and drop.)


(Drag left or right to create your report.)


 (Then click Metrics again to apply.) 

Easier Date Selection for Cohort Reports

Our new UI also simplifies how you set the date columns in Cohort Reporting. Just click in the bar, choose your dates, and they will automatically appear, auto-arranged in the correct chronological order.

find columns

(Open Column selector with a click.)


(Click the dates you need and they will auto arrange in chronological order. Then click Columns again to apply.)

Our documentation for Traffic and Cohort Reports in the Support area has also been updated with new screen shots.

We’re confident our new UI will make your experience with Apsalar more useful and productive. Thanks to all who made these important improvements possible.

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