eMarketer’s Seven Ecommerce Trends You Need to Understand Now a Great Watch


eMarketer develops great research for all sectors of digital, and has a particularly strong focus on commerce. Their recent webinar, entitled 7 Ecommerce Trends You Need to Understand, is a treasure trove of information and we urge you to take a look.

One of the interesting phenomena in our industry is how mobile browsing and shopping are now more popular than those same activities on PC, but mobile BUYING continues to lag. There are lots of theories and research on this conundrum.  Yet this pattern, of new technologies growing more slowly in the transaction category, is a common pattern, and all indications are that mobile will soon dominate in digital commerce as well.

Consider, eMarketer reports that in 2016 Smartphone mCommerce will grow almost 75%. eCommerce as a whole? About 16%.

But purchase figures only tell part of the story. In fact, the webinar says that almost half of all purchases are influenced by mobile activity, and that the vast majority of people are using location-based services.

So much of mobile time is app time – almost 90% according to comScore. So this overall trend is a huge force behind the growth in the app industry. There’s lots of great info in the webinar and we urge you to take a look here.

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