Jampp’s New Study: Consumer Behavior on eCommerce Apps


You may already have heard about or seen the coverage of Jampp’s new study of consumer behavior in ecommerce apps. This major new report provides some rich insights on how consumers interact with and spend their time inside apps.

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There’s lots of great data from Jampp in this doc, as well as from Apsalar and other Jampp partners. Great data points for marketers interested in making the most of every user relationship.

To give you a little taste, here are just a few highlights.

Short attention spans: Evidence shows an 88% decrease in consumer attention year over year. That’s a big deal and underscores the importance of genuine engagement. Shorter sessions mean you have less time to connect and drive those sales!

From the report:

For e-commerce apps specifically, it’s safe to assume that the less users are exposed to a company’s products, the less likely they are to make a purchase. For example, it’s highly unlikely a user will purchase a product if she or he opens the app but browses for less than 5 seconds. Therefore, given the decline in user session length, we can assume that consumers are either making purchasing decisions faster or they are getting distracted and losing focus during the purchasing funnel.

Push notifications a double-edged sword: We all know that push is an effective strategy for driving relaunches. In the study, many had positive associations for push. But the flipside is that many consumers rate push as annoying. This is clearly something you need to do right. Get some great insight on right time and place in the report.

Conversion timelines by app categories: How long does it take people to convert to purchase? Taxi and ride share apps have the shortest latency period to drive conversions, while Retail Fashion apps have the longest. There are some great resources in the paper on when purchases are most likely to occur, by category.

Retargeting works!: Retargeting campaigns drive at least 2x as many purchases as User Acquisition campaigns.

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There’s a lot more in this study than those few tidbits. Definitely worth your time. Download it now here.


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