Great Insights in eMarketer’s Latest Mobile Statpack


eMarketer just published a great set of slides they are calling the US Mobile Time and Activities Statpack. It’s available for free on their site (reg required.) It’s definitely worth your time and attention. I am going to pull a few facts just to whet your appetite – there’s a ton more info in it than what I reveal below.

Mobile app time continues to be dominated by apps, on both smartphone and tablet. More than 80% of smartphone time is taken up in apps. While incredibly high, that number is even lower than comScore’s estimate of almost 90%

mobile app time statistics

App usage is the most common activity among smartphone users, even higher than search.

App usage statistics

While the gap between the number of mobile shoppers versus the number of mobile buyers remains large, the number of mobile buyers has almost reached 50% of smartphone users. That’s fantastic news for mobile and the app ecosystem, because it reflects the enormous potential for mcommerce in a host of categories.

shoppers buyers

There are rich insights on gaming, search, messaging and social media activity that takes place on smartphones. Definitely worth your time and attention.

We walked away from this presentation even more secure in our belief that mobile is now the core in the US, right alongside PC and with all the wind in its sails. Perhaps it’s not #1 for mcommerce sales quite yet, but for virtually everything else. As an international company we have seen the primacy of mobile in many markets, and the trends in the US are just part of that global phenomenon.

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