Now Available! Uninstall Attribution for iOS


First iOS uninstall measurement solution from a mobile attribution provider gives advertisers critical insights on user quality and longevity.

jonathan chen

by Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Support

Today we are proud to announce that we’ve added iOS Uninstall Attribution measurement to the Apsalar Attribution platform. The new capability, available at no additional cost to customers, reveals the uninstall rate for app downloads driven by different channels, vendors, campaigns, creative executions, geographies and user cohorts during any time period the marketer chooses.

Earlier this year, we launched Android Uninstall Attribution. Since that introduction, we’ve spoken with many top marketers that appreciated the new insight into the Android side of the business, but were anxious to get such learnings for iPhone and iPad apps as well. We’re the first mobile attribution solution to offer uninstall measurement for iOS. There are different challenges for iOS versus Android, and we are pleased to have been able to address them.

Insights about uninstalls are increasingly important to marketers as they explore ways to plan and optimize marketing programs for stronger ROI. Specifically:

  1. Vendor Allocations: Clients can leverage uninstall rate comparisons by media provider to collaborate with these partners to improve the quality of users attracted by campaigns.
  2. Campaign Testing and Decisions: By measuring the uninstall rates driven by different campaigns, they can determine the best advertising approaches for driving long-term users.
  3. Regional Allocations: Brands can use variances in uninstall rates by region to make wiser decisions on where to spend expansion dollars.
  4. Cohort Comparisons: By comparing the relative uninstall rates of different user segments, they can make smarter decisions about future acquisition and remarketing campaigns.

iOS Uninstall Attribution is available at no additional charge to our customers. Documentation on Apsalar iOS Uninstall Attribution is available here.

Thanks to everyone on our team for making this important initiative happen.



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