Now Available! DYNAMIC Deferred Deep Linking


jonathan chen
By Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Support

We’re delighted to announce that our platform now offers a new feature called Apsalar Dynamic Deferred Deep Linking.

This new feature expands the capabilities of our platform beyond standard deep links, which we have supported for some time. It also offers a critical advantage over manual deferred deep linking offerings. Let us explain how.

Standard vs. Deferred Deep Linking v. Apsalar Dynamic Deferred Deep Linking 

There are currently three forms of deep linking capabilities on the market:

  • Standard Deep Linking: Under standard deep linking, the platform checks to see if you have different destinations set for people with the app and people who don’t have the app. If a user has the app, the app will be opened to the content as defined in the deep link. If the user does not have the app, they are redirected to the appropriate page in the App Store or Google Play to download the app. Then, when the user installs and launches the app, they are sent to the app’s home page.
  • Deferred Deep Linking: With deferred deep linking, all of the above is true, except that when the user launches the app, it opens to a specific deep link URL versus the home page. This gets the user to the desired content faster, and has been shown to improve a variety of response metrics.
  • Apsalar Deferred Deep Linking: Our new version of deferred deep linking offers the same core benefit as regular deferred deep linking, but with an important advantage.  With some competitive deep linking offerings, you must manually configure a different deep link for every destination in an app. Registering your deep links in a system before they can be used is not a scalable solution if your app has hundreds of deep links.  With Apsalar Dynamic Deferred Deep Linking, you can dynamically pass values through a single, Apsalar tracking tag to deliver the correct deferred deep link experience.

Why Use Dynamic Deferred Deep Links?

Deferred deep links are increasingly popular because they enable the app publisher to speed the user to the content/messages that drove the click. An online retailer may advertise a great deal on a pair of shoes. The viewer clicks the ad but does not have the app, so they are redirected to the app store. When they install the app, the content pertinent to the shoe offer is the first thing they see. With Apsalar Dynamic Deferred Deep Links, the process of setting up and administering a deferred deep link campaign is drastically simplified.

More Info

You can find more information on Dynamic Deferred Deep Linking here. To get started with Dynamic Deferred Deep Linking, please contact your account manager or customer support. Many thanks to everyone at Apsalar who worked on this project, as well as the clients that helped us define and deliver a superior DDL offering.


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