7 Ways Retailers are Working to Crank their mCommerce Sales


Check out the article from Apsalar marketing guy Jim Nichols at iMediaConnection.com. From the piece:

US merchants are adopting a strategy that’s very common internationally — focusing on building their app-based mcommerce. Apps enable shopping tailored specifically to a phone, and provide a greater degree of experiential control. They also enable richer personalization. And people just plain like them better than mobile websites. Latest figures show that almost 90 percent of connected mobile time takes place in apps versus the mobile web.

Apps also make a variety of improved merchandising strategies and tactics possible. Push notifications, for example, enjoy open and interaction rates far in excess of email metrics.

Then there are the thousands of mobile-only and app-mostly retailers that have sprung up worldwide over the past couple of years. In developing markets, the success of these businesses reflects the massive role that mobile connectivity plays in the lives of their consumers.


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