Google App Engagement Tracking is Here!


jonathan chen
by Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Support

We’re very pleased to announce that Google App Engagement tracking is now available in the Apsalar platform. This new capability enables clients to track remarketing deeplink campaigns on Google Search and the Google Display Network.

Easy Implementation

Setting up for Google App Engagement campaigns is easy. Clients simply update to the latest version of the Apsalar SDK in your deeplink-accepting app(s) and follow the step-by-step instructions available in the Support section of our site.

Google has dramatically increased its presence in the app marketing arena in the past year, and their remarketing offerings are contributing to the massive growth in the re-engagement sector. On our platform, re-engagement spending has growth eight-fold since Q2 of 2015, and 3-fold since Q4. We’re pleased to be able to offer clients a robust tracking solution for Google App Engagement campaigns.

Special Thanks

It takes a village to make something like this possible, and we’d like to thank our counterparts at Google for their work in bringing this new feature to light. This is a feature that is very important to our clients and we are delighted to be able to bring it to them now.

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