Apsalar Announces Beta of New Flexible Spend Tracking


jonathan chen
By Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Support

Apsalar is pleased to announce that we have begun a beta launch of a new spend tracking feature for our platform. This new feature is available now to all of our clients.

A Little Background

Our team is constantly seeking client perspective on features to simplify analysis and enhance the availability of business insights through the Apsalar platform. One of the most common requests we hear from these mobile app business leaders is that it would be valuable to be able to access media spending information in their mobile app attribution dashboards.

That’s what this new spend tracking offering is all about.

Marketers need insights for many dimensions of their businesses in one place, and this new feature helps us take an important step forward in this quest. By combining spend reporting with their existing source for ad metrics, clicks, install counts, revenue, event, and re-engagement data, we’ve made it easier for clients to get a comprehensive view of their businesses.

About This New Form of Spend Tracking

To track spend using this new feature, clients simply enter the cost-per metrics for specific elements of their paid marketing efforts directly into the platform, for incorporation into their tracking tags and SmartTags. By entering these simple figures, the marketer then is able to review their campaign spend as it occurs, right in the Apsalar Tracking Reports. Click the pics below to enlarge and animate the screenshots.

flexible spend tracking

flexible spend tracking1


We’ve innovated this “client-controlled” method of spend tracking because many networks do not currently support automatic sharing of spend data. With this new solution, we’ve created an effective and simple alternative that gives marketers the opportunity to get spend data for any source or campaign.

Clients access and control Flexible Spend Tracking in a new tab. They can configure spend for four of the most common pricing models:

  • CPM – Cost Per Thousand Impressions
  • CPC – Cost Per Click
  • CPI – Cost Per Install
  • CPR – Cost Per Re-engagement

Further, clients can set different cost-per figures and models for different elements of their marketing programs. For example, different CPIs for different vendors, or a CPI figure for one campaign and a CPC metric for another. That flexibility is essential in order for the marketer to have a true view of their spend across different sources and efforts

Why Spend Tracking is So Important

Flexible Spend Tracking for ad networks is not our only initiative in this arena. Apsalar introduced automated Facebook spend tracking in Q3 of 2015. This is one of our more popular platform features, and its success provided additional rationale for this new Flexible Spend Tracking initiative.

This news is another important step toward our ultimate goal – offering the easiest and most accurate means of tracking spend for all networks, right in the platform. Watch for more initiatives on this front in the months ahead.

Documentation about this important new initiative is available in our support area here.

Thanks to everyone on our team for making this important innovation possible, and to the clients who helped us define a useful and valuable offering.


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