Notes from Ad-Tech India


This year, Apsalar was an exhibitor at Ad-Tech New Delhi, the premier digital event in the Indian market. We’d like to share some of the things we observed there, and provide some thoughts on their implications for the India and global mobile marketing environments.

A Massive Show

Ad-Tech New Delhi is an enormous conference and tradeshow. Held at the Leela Ambiance in Gurgaon, the show offered 150+ Speakers, 50+ Conference Breakout Sessions and its biggest trade show floor ever, featuring 80+ companies. In addition, the show offers an innovation zone where hot new companies can show off their stuff.

More than 7,000 people attended the show, and there were long stretches of the day where moving across the trade show took 20-30 minutes. This is definitely a market where trade show exhibits are appreciated and well-visited.

Great Ideas

The Indian market continues to amaze us in terms of its aggressive growth as well as in the innovativeness of its start-ups. Around every corner of the show was another great concept or novel new company anxious to change the world. The vibrancy of the market is remarkable.

In addition, the number of speakers with global remits reflects the growing importance of India as a “must” market in order for a brand to truly call itself a global business. That reflects the massive size of the market but also its robust business and economic climate.

Quality User Focus

Events like this are great places to catch the pulse of an industry. This market is exploding in device count. In addition, VC and other investment have flowed into a broad range of areas, most especially in mcommerce.

But it’s also become a market that is very conscious of marketing measurement and effectiveness. Marketers are anxious to drive strong UA scale, but it needs to be quality scale, not simply strong gross install counts. Brands need users that are going to engage, transact, and build long-term buying relationships.

Events are always a great place to connect with app publishers as well as media networks. Both were out in force at the event. Fraud and uninstall measurement, like those available via our mXpresso partnership and Apsalar Uninstall Attribution measurement, were major topics of conversation at the show.

Remarketing Interest is Growing

Like most markets, India spends the vast majority of marketing dollars on UA, but we’re seeing a growing number of businesses demonstrate interest in targeted remarketing. The key use cases come up again and again:

  • Cart Abandon Reactivation
  • New User Re-Engagement
  • Heavy Buyer Marketing
  • Lapsed User Reactivation
  • App Cross Marketing

The Indian market has been very strong for us, and we are very grateful to the outstanding marketing leaders there that have made our growth in that market possible. See you at ad-tech next year!


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