Mobile and Smartphone Usage Statistics for India


Over at eMarketer, they recently published some really amazing statistics for mobile device usage in India – stats that warrant your attention. According to the piece, smartphone shipments in India grew to 25.6M in the fourth quarter of 2015, up 15% versus YAGO.

India smartphone shipments

What’s more, the number of mobile devices of all types in use in India will grow to more than 684M this year, meaning that fully 54% of the total Indian population will have a mobile phone. The data show that there will be more than 204M smartphones in use by year end.

India Mobile Users

At Apsalar, we witness the explosive growth of mobile every data, in the gigantic amounts of data we get from our many Indian clients. Low price points for devices are a contributor here. There are lots of very inexpensive smartphones available in India. Perhaps not quite as inexpensive as some recent press reports have suggested, but many smart and smartish options are well under 5,000 rupees (about US$70.)

Low cost smartphones bring with them some challenges for app marketers. Some run on older versions of Android, while others have relatively small memories, meaning that consumers quickly reach the point where they must uninstall an app in order to free up space for a new one.

The incredible growth of the Indian market, and its unique challenges and opportunities, make it arguably the most competitive and dynamic environment worldwide.

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