Meet Apsalar CEO Michael Oiknine During His Trip to the EU


Our CEO, Michael Oiknine, will be visiting Britain and Germany during his trip to Mobile World Congress. If you are an app publisher based in London, or Berlin, or you are attending MWC in Barcelona, contact us to schedule a time. Michael will be in London and Berlin between the 16th and the 18th, and MWC from Feb 21-24.

During the visit, Michael can update you on the latest developments at Apsalar. We have made a lot of great advances over the past several months, so you’ll have lots to discuss. If you haven’t spoken with Apsalar in a while, Michael can update you on the broader product portfolio and mission of the company. We are now using our industry-leading mobile app analytics platform as the foundation for a broader growth engine encompassing mobile app marketing measurement and optimization as well as audience analysis and audience creation. Using the complete Apsalar toolset, clients can take a truly data-centric approach to all aspects of their marketing, including:

1. Assessing the effectiveness of their paid marketing programs to drive both installs and re-engagements.
2. Optimizing spend allocations by partner, campaign, region, buying model, audience cohort, creative execution.
3. Creating anonymized profiles of each of their app users that span all of their marketing and in-app behavior.
4. Building high-performing audiences of app users for personalized remarketing programs, and then securely sharing those audiences with the partners they choose.
5. Powering mobile automation and BI platforms with individual- and audience-level insights for more precise communications and engagement programs.

We also offer a number of game-changing features, including:

Mobile App Uninstall Attribution: As you know, uninstalls are an incredibly hot topic these days and marketers move from focusing primarily on install metrics to caring primarily about user quality and revenue measures. Apsalar has now added uninstall attribution measurement to all of its reports. Here’s Ad Exchanger’s recent piece on this important category innovation. The new measure enables more robust campaign and creative comparisons, vendor assessment, regional comparisons, install quality comparisons by advertising model and more.

Remarketing Audiences: Our comprehensive data management platform, which debuted last year, enables to you analyze anonymized profiles of your users, define high performing audiences, and securely target those groups of users in partnership with the media vendors you choose.

You can get in touch with Michael by filling out this contact form. Just put the words “Meet with Michael” in the comment box.

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