Marketer Concerns and Mobile App Uninstall Metrics


There us an interesting post today over at eMarketer on the key issues senior marketers fret about. The data, from the Korn Ferry Marketing Pulse Survey 2015, show that marketers are becoming even more focused on customers and customer relationships. From the article:

According to October 2015 research, improving the customer experience is what primarily keeps CMOs and marketing leaders up at night—at least when it comes to their marketing objectives. 

I urge you to check out both eMarketer’s summary and the full Korn Ferry presentation, but I wanted to pull a few data points and how they offer strong parallels to

Mobile App Uninstalls and Creating Sustainable Relationships with Consumers

The Korn Ferry research showed that among senior marketers, the most common thing keeping them up at night is creating strong relationships with consumers.

korn ferry marketing pulse

The study also revealed that 90% of marketers agree or strongly agree with the idea that their teams are focused on improving customer connections.

korn ferry uninstalls

For an app marketer, a mobile app uninstall is a sure sign of problems in the process of cultivating productive long-term relationships with customers. It’s only by creating great experiences, coupled with delivering relevant communications streams, that we can mitigate iOS and Android mobile app uninstalls . High rates of mobile app uninstalls usually show when we’ve failed big time.

Mobile App Uninstalls and Personalization

Back to Korn Ferry data. Marketers generally agree on the need for personalization in order to cultivate productive long-term customer relationships. Further, 68% agree or strongly agree that personalization is a key priority for their companies.

korn ferry personalization uninstalls

In years past, there has been some controversy over the need or advisability of trying to personalize marketing messages. The belief was that the costs and demands of personalization outweighed its potential benefits. But opinions are changing as digital enables far more cost-effective personalization tactics.

In our world,  most industry research regarding mobile app uninstalls points to strong benefits for personalized marketing messages like push notifications and segmented ad and offer messaging. In addition, the data point to the need for architected communications streams that reflect the desires and interests of each user. Often those uninstall marketing goals are achievable via simple segmentation.

But the key takeaway here is that app marketing needs are fully aligned with broader brand marketing needs. Apps represent an incredibly powerful way to create an enduring brand relationship. While some aspects of app marketing are highly specialized skills, the overall orientation – towards driving genuine customer satisfaction – must be at the center of every program and tactic we choose. That is true of every aspect of app marketing, but particularly for uninstall marketing.

Our user relationships need to deliver on real needs and provide a truly productive value exchange for the consumer. That’s when uninstall marketing – well, all marketing – performs best,


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