Going to Mobile Growth Summit? Let’s Talk


We’re happy to announce that Apsalar is a sponsor for the upcoming Mobile Growth Summit in San Francisco. As part of our sponsorship, we will be giving a fast-moving presentation on the first insights we’re seeing from our new uninstall attribution measurement solution.

As you know, uninstalls are among the hottest topics for app marketers in 2016. The keen interest in this topic is driven in large part by the growing emphasis on quality installs. More and more marketers are realizing that there are huge disparities in the quality of installs driven by different campaigns, creatives, cohorts and sources. Whereas a few years ago marketers focused primarily on maximizing total install counts, these days the smart money is on ensuring quality installs – that we attract and retain people who are going to use our apps and help drive our KPIs.

So watch for our presentation on day two of the event. And why not schedule a little time with our on-site team to review uninstall attribution and other new features that Apsalar Attribution has to offer.

Event Details:

February 17-18
San Francisco
Register here.

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