Apsalar Launches Ad Network Topline Reporting in Its Client Dashboard


Jonathan Chen

by Jonathan Chen
Director of Product and Support

As many of you know, Apsalar works hard to be the first to market with key new features designed to help marketers take a more data-driven and strategic approach to app marketing. Today we are pleased to announce a major innovation for our Client Dashboard: Ad Network Topline Results.

We focus a great deal of attention on our Client Dashboard because senior marketers want a fast and telegraphic way to get a snapshot of their high level marketing performance. While Apsalar Attribution has always excelled at enabling clients to get granular on the specific metrics of any app, campaign, region or creative unit, the Client Dashboard is intended to provide “big picture” analysis appropriate for the most senior level marketers.

Creating business views especially for senior marketers matters a lot because apps now represent core sales and business channels for most of our clients. As a provider that focuses primarily on the enterprise end of the market, we recognize the need to give the leaders of such organizations the high level insights they demand most.

As app marketing has evolved from a more execution-centric realm to a strategically-driven one, marketers have sought more high-level insights into “what works best” in their app marketing programs. Our first version of the dashboard included topline performance data for a client’s key apps, across all media vendors.

With the new information, a client can review, at a glance, their top twenty programs at a media provider level. That could cover twenty programs for a single app, or one or more programs for several apps, whichever represents the top 20 programs by vendor for a client.

Here’s a screen shot for our new content. As you can see, it offers text and graphical insight into key campaigns by campaign.

Client Dashboard

The individual listings are pretty self-explanatory. They detail retention rates, click and re-engagement event counts, and a graph of installs over time. There are also revenue and ARPU figures so you can get a high level view of financial KPIs. There are default setting and you can adjust them to meet your needs as well.

The new Ad Network Topline Results feature was developed in close partnership with leading Apsalar Enterprise clients to ensure it provided maximum value.

We have a variety of other new features in the works, and will keep you posted on these new features as they launch.

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