Announcing Upcoming Private Beta of mXpresso’s mFilterIT App Install Detection and Prevention Service


We are excited to announce that Apsalar will be launching a private beta of mFilterIT, a new mobile app install fraud detection and prevention technology, in partnership with mXpresso.


As we have been discussing on this blog for months, mobile app install fraud is a major challenge for the app industry.

mFilterIT is a new service developed by global, end-to-end advertising solutions provider mXpresso, designed to help advertisers detect and prevent fraudulent mobile app installs. The focus here is to provide accurate information on whether a detected install is in fact a legitimate consumer download to a mobile device.

Many brands promote their mobile businesses by paying a cost-per-install bounty for each reported install. But a significant proportion of reported app installs are driven by bots and device emulators, which report app installs even though none has actually taken place. App install fraud is estimated to cost the industry up to US $6.3Billion per year.

A Deterministic Solution

mFilterIT provides a deterministic and scientific technology to verify each app install.  The service leverages advanced proprietary algorithms to identify bot and emulator signatures, so that advertisers don’t pay for installs that are inauthentic.

Their technology will validate the genuineness of the app installs using parameters that are not in control of the bots/emulators. mFilterIT examines parameters from SIM cards to individually identify an install using strong security encryption made possible by GSMA standards and used globally for secure mobile communication. This detection is done in a real time basis, providing immediate blocking of payouts for fraudulent installs.

Mxpresso has launched this solution in India and will soon extend it globally.

One of the biggest reasons why we chose to work with mXpresso and mFilterIT is that this solution offers DETERMINISTIC detection. Deterministic means certainty that an install is authentic or inauthentic.

Platform Integration

With this partnership, the mFilterIT verification service will be integrated into Apsalar platform, so that its clients can monitor their installs and block pay-outs for fraudulent installs in real-time.

Catching Fraud Before It Costs You Money

Real-time means that it detects the fraudulent install BEFORE you “cut a check” paying for it. This is absolutely critical because it helps ensure your media investments are protected and that your marketing and user data remain uncorrupted by the nefarious efforts of would-be fraudsters.

More Information

Apsalar’s private beta implementation of mFilterIT will enable a select set of Apsalar clients to implement a test of the new service in the weeks ahead. Apsalar clients interested in the service should contact their account manager to express interest in the upcoming private beta and full launch. Or fill out this form and put PRIVATE BETA in the comments section.

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