What a year for Apsalar and mobile app measurement!


As one year has closed and another is beginning, we thought it would be appropriate to thank our clients, partners, and other business leaders for an outstanding 2015. About two years ago, Apsalar changed its strategic direction to better serve the needs of mobile app marketers who need real business insight into their app investments and customers. We’re proud of the way that we have fulfilled on that challenge, and how we have driven – and continue to drive – innovation in our category. But it truly takes a village; as we discuss our accomplishments for 2015, we’d also like to acknowledge your big contributions to our success.

5X Revenue Growth for Apsalar

Hey, we’re a business. And one of the ways that businesses demonstrate their value and long-term prospects is in revenue growth. Apsalar has definitely shown a lot of that in the past 12 months. In fact, we ended the year with 500% revenue growth versus 2014. 5X.

We’re working with dozens of new clients and more than 250 new media partners – and all of these relationships play a role in our continued – growth. Thank you all!

Outstanding Client Retention

As much as we like increased revenue, our levels of client satisfaction are cause for even greater pride. Every business like ours must work each day to earn the trust of clients by delivering an outstanding offering and a product roadmap that demonstrates a commitment to the future.

Our business has always demonstrated low churn rates, but they’ve dropped to near zero percent in Q3 and Q4, and we are committed to continuing our product in this area. Our sincerest thanks to the fantastic clients that work with our dedicated account management and client support resources, and who have been active participants in defining new features for our various solutions.

From a US-Centric to a Truly International Footprint

The app business is marvelously global in scope, and Apsalar is committed to reflecting that global scope in our client footprint. From a US-centric company two years ago, we’ve dramatically expanded our footprint in Southeast Asia, India, the Mideast, EU and Latin America.

We now dominate in key high growth markets internationally, particularly those where apps are growing at truly astounding rates. A couple of great examples of this are India and Brazil, which are two of the fastest growing app markets on earth.

We humbly thank our growing US client base along with the dozens of companies in other markets who have come to the Apsalar family in the past year.

Winning Business from Well-Entrenched Rivals

We did a little analysis of our many client wins over the past year, and what’s been most interesting is that the majority have come from the client bases of our rivals. What we’re seeing over and over is that better really matters to an increasing number of prospects and clients – and that Apsalar is quickly developing a reputation as the better alternative because of our impressive feature set and commitment to outstanding client service.

As we continue to grow the category and win business from others, we expect the competitive tension in the category to get even higher. But that’s always something that’s good for customers. It might seem crazy to thank competitors. Actually it would be plum loco to do that, so we won’t. But we will acknowledge how tough competition has been a great motivator.

An Expanded Product Range

Attribution insights are the foundation for everything we do. But in addition to adding many new features to Apsalar Attribution, we have also dramatically expanded the solutions we offer to clients. The most exciting of these new service lines is our audience segmentation and delivery solution, which enables marketers to:

  • Better understand their users
  • Define audiences of high-performing users
  • Securely share audiences and data with their choice of media partners for tailored marketing efforts

This has been a tremendous source of growth for us – and is a great example of how we are working to meet and ever expanding set of client needs. Thanks to those clients that participated in the beta, and who use these services every day.

Our Commitment to Education and Insight

At Apsalar, we know that the more sophisticated app marketers become, the more the things that set our solutions apart will grow in importance. That’s why thought leadership has been such a big part of our 2015 efforts. More than 40,000 downloads of our thought leadership content attest to both the growing interest in the app universe and the very real marketer desire for the absolute richest insights available. Thanks for reading. And sending us your ideas.

Innovation Through Apache Spark

We’re also proud to report that technological innovation has been and will continue to be a keystone of how we go to market. Apsalar is driving innovation in the mobile attribution and audience development sector with its deployment of Apache Spark, the industry’s most anticipated and fastest growing execution framework for big data.

Spark represents a major advance over other big data analysis frameworks like Hadoop, and is transforming how we serve our clients. The explosion in the amount and importance of big marketing data creates unique opportunities to drive extraordinary growth. Spark is transforming the way Apsalar processes data, provides intelligence, and empowers mobile marketers with actionable growth opportunities.

One of the areas that’s most intriguing here is that Spark is enabling more real-time analysis of gigantic data sets so that we can provide new insights to clients more quickly. It’s a game changer. A special thanks to our outstanding developer team for implementing Spark in record time.

Exciting Opportunities, and a Big Thank You!

One of the great changes that has taken place over the past two years has been in how mobile app businesses are managed and measured. Gone are the days when a single vanity metric like a colossal install count is the singular focus of marketers. Rather, every day the number of companies focused on real business metrics grows. And with that growth has come a dramatic expansion in the number of companies leveraging mobile app attribution platforms.

In addition, as we examine the logs of what clients actually do with Apsalar Attribution, it is clear that the depth and breadth of analysis is expending in powerful and compelling ways. All of that delights us because we really are excited when marketers make the most of available insights in support of their goals of driving growth by meeting the individualized needs of every app user.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. But absolutely none of it would be possible without the partnerships we have with leading app publishers and media solutions providers. We are grateful for each of these partnerships and will work hard to maintain and grow your trust in the future.

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