Mobile App Marketing Statistics for India – 2015


Frequently, we provide updates on the Indian and other app markets on this blog – outlining some of the latest data so that marketers have a full quiver of insights to leverage on their businesses. Sometimes the insights come from analysis of data across our clients and platforms. Other times, like today, we point readers toward great studies published by others.

Recently, published an analysis delivered by 9Apps that provided some fascinating mobile app marketing and business statistics for the Inida market. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • 6X Mobile App Install Growth ’12-’15 That’s right, the 9Apps study revealed an almost 6X increase in app downloads/installs for the period.
  • Games = 17% of Apps A healthy chunk of apps in use in India are from the gaming category. This compares to 23% for the world at large. In both India and globally, games represent the largest share of total apps of any category.
  • A Male Business Mobile Internet is a male-dominated arena – 76% of mobile Internet users were male in 2015. Among those with new access, the figure was slightly lower – 71%. Such figures show the classic digital pattern of male/high income/young demo early adopters, with the categories becoming more and more evenly split over time.
  • An Urban Dominated Category Owing in large part to the quality of access available in different regions of India, five urban markets represent 70% of mobile internet users. Most analysts expect those figures to change rapidly in the months and years ahead.

We urge you to check out the piece by clicking here.


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