Apsalar Introduces App Uninstall Attribution Measurement


Today we are proud to let you know that Apsalar has incorporated uninstall attribution measurement into our popular Apsalar Attribution analytics offering. The new marketing measure reveals the rate of app uninstalls for app downloads driven by different channels, vendors, campaigns, creative executions, geographies and user cohorts during any time period the marketer chooses. It’s a powerful new metric for those interested in understanding and proactively addressing the issue with uninstall marketing efforts.

We’ve added app uninstall attribution to help mobile app marketers understand the relative quality of users driven by different mobile app marketing programs and install sources. Using uninstall attribution analytics, marketers can make smarter decisions in a variety of use cases including:

  • Campaign Testing and Decisions: By measuring the uninstall rates driven by different campaigns, they can determine the best advertising approaches for driving long-term users.
  • Regional Allocations: By understanding the user retention rates in different markets, brands can make wiser decisions on where to spend expansion dollars.
  • Cohort Comparisons: By comparing the relative uninstall rates of different user segments, they can make smarter decisions about future acquisition and remarketing campaigns.
  • Vendor Allocation: By comparing uninstall rates of different vendors, they can collaborate with these partners to drive install quality improvements and focus marketing investments on best performing programs.

Marketers work extremely hard and spend big money to drive mobile installs. Attribution for mobile app uninstalls was among the most requested new features from clients and prospects alike, and we are very pleased to have developed a solution that offers accurate, high quality insights into this important arena. No doubt about it, uninstall marketing will be more than just a hot topic in 2016!

Uninstall insights are another tool in the app developers’ marketing quiver – providing critical input for mobile app ad messaging, in-app messaging, push notifications, reinstall programs and more. They can also provide interesting ideas on how to improve messages, imagery and other elements of App Store and Google Play Store pages. You can use the data to power strategies for attracting high quality app installs

One of the key aspects of this launch is that uninstall measurement is now available in all our core reports – traffic and cohort analyses – and for whatever time period our clients choose. Here are a couple example screenshots of a traffic and a cohort including uninstall info. We’re sure you can see how this information can be valuable for informing uninstall marketing efforts.

Uninstalls Traffic Report Uninstalls Cohort Report

These are just two examples of reports you can pull using uninstall rate metrics. You can examine rates in the UI or download data to Excel or a BI platform.

You can download a one-sheet on this offering here.

For the next several days we’ll be posting more information about mobile app uninstalls, data from a variety of sources about their incidence, and more. We hope you find the information valuable. And in about a week we will launch a new whitepaper on the topic, summarizing this and other information all in one easy-to-read document.

If you would like more information, let us know by calling us at 877-590-1854 or filling out this form.

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